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woocommerce Add custom field set like billing fields

I am working on E-commerce functions where i require to Add custom fieldset as Profile Fields the fields in it are as billing Below are the Fields that is needed in My Check out and signup form profile_first_name profile_last_name profile_company profile_address_1 profile_address_2 profile_city profile_postcode profile_country profile_state profile_email profile_phone Can you please guide me on this […]

Include Max mega menu Plugin into theme

I want to add the Max Mega Menu plugin into my theme for a project. What i’ve done: copy and paste plugin folder into my theme include megamenu.php file into my theme function.php file Needed to work: include with theme active when theme active So, how can I include this plugin and activate it when […]

hfeed CSS class in Twentyeleven Theme

The twentyeleven theme has hfeed class attached with the main container #page. I could not find any definition of hfeed in style.css. Does it have any purpose or its just a random class name given?

What tags should be used for themes to show the type of layout?

In the Tag Filter the old tags ‘fixed-width’ and ‘flexible-width’ were renamed to ‘fixed-layout’ and ‘fluid-layout’. Also new ‘responsive-layout’ tag appears. Should users duplicate new tag ‘fluid-layout’ with old tag ‘flexible-width’? Or is it safe to use only new tags?

Some doubts about how to show posts in a custom theme?

I am pretty new in WordPress theme development and I have some doubt about this WP function used to show my post in the homepage: <?php if ( have_posts() ) : // Start the Loop. while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); /* * Include the post format-specific template for the content. If you want to […]

add_action in functions.php, do_action in plugin?

I am trying to set an add_action function in my currently active WordPress theme functions.php file, for a defined do_action function within an activated WordPress plugin. The add_action function in my currently active WordPress theme functions.php file doesn’t work. However, it works if I copy the add_action function from my currently active WordPress theme functions.php […]

Whats the difference between Page Builder Plugins and Theme Builder Softwares?

As everyone might be aware that there are many wordpress website builders in the market, Can anyone explain me whats the real difference between Theme Builders and Page Builders? I looked up in google but couldn’t find the answer to it.

index.php is not loaded for single posts

I’m using the following code at the top of my index.php page in my theme and it never hits the is_single() code even on single posts. if ( have_posts() ) { echo “****************we have posts”; if ( is_single() ) { echo “******************It’s single”; } while ( have_posts() ) { the_post(); echo “<br >******************after the_post(): ” […]

Which hook callback has priority if both plugin and theme use the same hook?

If a theme and a plugin uses the same action hook, for example comment_form is used by both theme and plugin. Then , which one will be called first? the function associated with the theme’s hook or the function associated with the plugin’s hook.

Download theme: how?

I like this theme. But I don’t want it to use with a blog but download it to use with my WordPress site at my own domain. But I can’t find a download link. Is it possible?