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Render a Post or Page using the correct file

Assuming I have a post ID or object, how do I display it the way it would be displayed if accessed directly within WordPress? My main concern with this is that there are numerous ways to change the file that is used for displaying a post. Specific files (page-slug.php), post types, etc. In my specific […]

WordPress Fatal error: Call to undefined get_header() in index.php on line 15

I downloaded a wordpress theme recently and i tried to run it but it gives me an fatal error shows that call to undefined fatal error(). Why this error generates ? I am a new bie to wordpress theme development.Here are my index.php and header.php scripts.Please some can help to get rid of this error. […]

Searching for themes that post full article on home page by default

I understand there is way to change the_excerpt to the_content. But do any of the existing “features” on the search feature (under add new themes) indicates the the_content is already the default option for the theme?

Call wp-blog-header.php header without performing a wp_query

I have setup .htaccess to map a custom url to a custom php script. This page is not part of wordpress, but i want it to use the wordpress theme. At the top of the script I load up WordPress. And from here i populate the global $post object with my own custom data. require_once(‘../wp-blog-header.php’); […]

How to create custom layouts and static pages in themes for clients

How do I build goodlooking, custom pages into my themes. I’ve decided to use underscores to create custom client themes, as I need complete freedom in design, and all the tutorials I’ve found on theme development seem to just show how to build blog style websites, but I’d like to build sites with multi column […]

Inserting Plugins Into Blank Space of Externally Designed WordPress Theme

I am currently working on this website which uses a WordPress theme designed by one Themeforest author. As can be seen via the link and the following screenshot from the same page, the theme’s Portfolio (Custom Post Type) utilises 8 columns for textual and any other data — with 4 other other columns to its […]

One Site. One Theme. Multiple Stylesheets without plugins?

Greeting Community, Here’s my challenge: We have an annual report that is published annually. We do NOT want to spin up a new site and domain each year, but house each previous year’s edition on the same site. The kicker is this — each year has a unique design but most of the site’s functionality […]

How to track a users last visited page?

There are certain pages with a certain template in my wordpress site that all of them lead to a single page(S). I want the content of the single page(S) to change based on where the user has came from. In other words, I want to be able to detect that from which page the user […]

Problem : deletion failed, the theme requested does not exist

I had an awkward problem when i want to delete my theme, it gaves me this message: deletion failed, the theme requested does not exist wordpress. I can delete it from ftp manually but for client i want it to be deleted just from dashboard. Is any one have an idea how to resolve this […]

How to remove a large ugly space from my wordpress site?

I’m sorry to ask such a simple question. You would think I would be able to figure it out on my own, but I’ve been up all night running in circles trying to remove a simple space from my website’s homepage. Site is: The space is between the header/social media links and “Trending Posts”… […]