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Form within thickbox

When I try and insert a form into a thickbox for use in the admin area, it seems to be removed completely. What do I need to change? <?php // Enqueue thickbox js and css add_thickbox(); ?> <div style=”text-align:center;padding:20px 0;”> <input alt=”#TB_inline?width=500&height=600&inlineId=examplePopup1″ title=”Insert/edit link” class=”thickbox” type=”button” value=”Tickbox 1″ /> </div> <div id=”examplePopup1″ style=”display: none”> <div […]

Showing a Thickbox (tb_show) does nothing

I’m trying to add a media uploader to a widget/plugin and I’m at the stage where I need to add a picture from the media library (or upload a new one). I added some javascript and added an event to a button in the plugin. This event gets fired (because the alert is displayed), but […]

Howto use WP built in Thickbox for images?

I’ve been searching for a better way to utilize the built in Thickbox function for images. I’ve been using my method for a few months, but I don’t think it’s the best way to do it. Here is the code I’ve been using (I don’t remember where I found the code or I’d link to […]

Adding URL of PDF from Thickbox in a Meta Box

I have created some meta boxes of pages on the theme i’m working on. The idea is to have a input field, then a button to upload files. The meta box is working properly. When I click on the button, it fires the thickbox. This is working fine too. Then I could upload a media […]

include shortcode values in Thickbox form

I have a shortcode that is built using a Thickbox form with various inputs that return the values. This works fine. However, I would like the existing values (if present) to re-populate the form if the user opens it again. Here is an example of my shortcode: [schema type=”person” name=”Andrew Norcross” description=”I make interwebs” ] […]

Getting RID of thickbox!

I want to get rid of the complete thickbox css js and loading gif. Can anybody give me the correct way to get rid of it all via functions.php ? Cheers, Alex

Only make custom image size if uploaded via Thickbox and attached to certain page

I am trying to make it so that WP will create another size image for me, but only when the image is uploaded via the Thickbox, and only when it will be attached to a certain ID. Does anybody know how to do this? The following works, but will create an image of that size […]

How to get the image-URL from Media-Upload in a post?

I generated a new MetaBox for all standard posts in WordPress 3.1. There I generate a input:text field with the ID _meta_fotos[pic], which should hould the image url generated by the standard media-uploader. I want to use the standard media-uploader from the standard post window. So I generated the following JavaScript code. jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(‘#_meta_fotos\\[pic\\]’).focusin(function() […]

Show/hide button in thickbox depending on from which page it is opened

I use the Taxonomy Images plugin and it generates a button in the thickbox for associating an image with a term (see screenshot). Due to the fact that I can only associate terms with images in a thickbox that is opened from edit-tags.php pages, is it possible to remove the button from all other thickboxes? […]

How to open the add media dialogue it in a certain state / tab?

I created a customized wp_view similar to embed (see wp-includes/js/mce-view.js, l. 868). I also have my own tab in the “add media” dialog. Naturally I want the edit button of my wp_view opening the add media dialog with the right tab. Currently I use this: edit: function(text, update) { tb_show(‘Some headline’, ‘media-upload.php?tab=mytab&someparams=’+somevalues+’&amp;TB_iframe=true’); } I works […]