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Custom height/width for thickbox in WP Backend

I use thickbox in the WP backend for preview or other content. On own pages in the backend works my script very fine and a can use custom width and height for the thickbox. below my code: <script type=”text/javascript”> <!– var viewportwidth; var viewportheight; if (typeof window.innerWidth != ‘undefined’) { viewportwidth = window.innerWidth-80, viewportheight = […]

Access tinymce from thickbox

Basically, I have a custom tinymce button which opens a thickbox window in iframe mode. Is there a way to access the tinymce from the iframe? WordPress media uploader seems to do it somehow. Stuff like $(‘#content’, window.parent.document).tinymce().getContent() does not work. PS. If that’s impossible, I’ll have to do use the tinymce default popup window, […]

WordPress native thickbox language

Is there any clean way (not overwriting wp-includes\js\thickbox\thickbox.js file) to translate english next/ prev/ image # of # and Close tooltip in WordPress native Thickbox script?

Run script after clicking Set Featured Image in Media

I would like to run some script to get the featured image’s width and height after the user clicked ‘Use Featured Image’ button and use the data retrieved within the Post Edit screen. Is there such hook available for use in JavaScript? Otherwise, do you have other suggestions to achieve this? Thanks for helping! Edit […]

How to hook into wordpress admin upload iframe?

I have written a plugin which lets the user upload file attachments for using WordPress as a download site. So I have added a meta box which shows the user the files he has uploaded for every post. Everything is working fine until I wanted to make it so that if a user uploads file […]

Issues creating a tinyMCE plugin that creates a custom link

I’m working on a plugin that works similar to the “link” button on tinyMCE: The user highlights text -> presses a button -> enters text into a box in a thickbox popup -> submits the form -> the user is then returned to the editor with the highlighted text altered. The highlighted text has a […]

How to enlarge thickbox media library iframe?

The iframe in thickbox media library is not big enough to display my custom tab. I tried to add “width=900&height=600” at the end of the link that pointing to the library, but no luck. How can I modify the inframe size?

Error with Custom Admin Screen in iframe Thickbox

I have a plugin that adds a new admin screen in an iframe. I created a PHP file in my plugin, and I put a link with a class of Thickbox to that. Everything works just fine, but it produces a PHP error when WP_DEBUG is set to true. Looking at the WordPress source code, […]

how to use thickbox in admin?

I would like to show my retrieved content form my classes method in thickbox. How could I do this? I have been adding the proper id to my desired hyperlink but all of the admin body is getting parsed inside of the thickbox. <a href=”?page=blahblah&TB_iframe=true&width=600&height=550″ class=”thickbox”>Click</a> class myAdmin { public function __construct() { } public […]

Open upload media dialog from thickbox

I’m using Thickbox (lightbox) built-in in WordPress to display some controls for user, some of controls using javascript to open dialogs like Upload Media that is already works fine outside the Thickbox. I know that the Thickbox creates a new div with a unique-ID [TB_window] so i made a stand-alone js file for all scripts […]