Articles of third party applications

A thin line between native wordpress bahaviour and 3rd party themes

Bear with me as i try to learn WP. Lets say we have a 3rd party theme were the route of the request is somehow like this. Root theme index.php diverts to a nother php file which decides what page to go next depending on the themes settings. then it gets diverted to a master […]

How to create a specific Web App with WordPress?

Can we make Web Apps in WordPress with specific (custom) scope, something like a mini-Facebook, a mini-Twitter, a stackoverflow, etc. What I really want to know is that how much am I free handed to build whatever Web App I want in WP? and more importantly how to?

Possibility of including third party software/plugins in the WordPress repository

I’ve been looking into using the WordPress Repository for one of my larger plugins, the problem is that it’s using a lot of third party software. Video players/Slide scripts/Jquery includes, some of which are commercial in nature. My question is related to the content that differs from the GPL v2. Id like to include those […]

REST alert when new WordPress post is published or updated

I have a custom PHP application and a WordPress instance running as 2 completely separate codebases on the same server. I would like my custom PHP application to be able to consume content from the WordPress instance as and when it is published or updated. I am using the excellent WP API to retrieve JSON […]

Frontend in WP , backend in Laravel. Some level of integration needed

I plan to use WP for my platform’s frontend and Laravel 5 for my backend work. I will not use WP functionality for my core business. But i will need to have a forum in WP and some other lightweight services, alongside the main site. 1) This means that i will need to have some […]

WordPress Ajax Posting from App

I am working on an App for a University radio station that allows users to listen to the station and read stories from there wordpress site. I can do this functionality easy enough using RSS feeds. An additional piece of functionality required is for users to be able to post comments/feedback live to the DJ. […]

I want to retrieve all posts of a blog without username & password

I want to make an android application for my wordpress blog, I want to display there all my blog posts with many options like category wise, date wise, search wise etc… How Can I retrieve all my blog posts or category wise posts. Obviously as this will go to each user’s mobile, I don’t want […]

How to bypass the Easy Digital Downloads checkout process?

I’ve decided to use Easy Digital Downloads as a base to create a secure download area for a client. The client will be uploading general files such as .pdf’s and word documents for their members. What I’d like to do is bypass the checkout process of Easy Digital Downloads so users can download a file […]

Is back-end access not required for an app to post to my blog?

I’ve recently installed a couple of apps (WordPress and BlogPad Pro) and I’m a bit surprised to see that they can indeed post to my blogs, even though I haven’t given them the renamed login and wp-admin pages that I set up through iThemes Security. My understanding was that posting could only happen “through” the […]

Creating external apps WordPress / How they work

I was wondering how does external app works for or Directly connecting to the wordpress database seems a bad idea to me. Questions How can I create an app or get / post data from the wordpress database? Is there a JSON API or XML API format so that I can easily exchange […]