Articles of third party applications

Is back-end access not required for an app to post to my blog?

I’ve recently installed a couple of apps (WordPress and BlogPad Pro) and I’m a bit surprised to see that they can indeed post to my blogs, even though I haven’t given them the renamed login and wp-admin pages that I set up through iThemes Security. My understanding was that posting could only happen “through” the […]

Creating external apps WordPress / How they work

I was wondering how does external app works for or Directly connecting to the wordpress database seems a bad idea to me. Questions How can I create an app or get / post data from the wordpress database? Is there a JSON API or XML API format so that I can easily exchange […]

How can I make a wp site in a mobile application?

Which are the ways and how is possible a wp site become an iphone, ipad, android and a blackberry application(not a wp mobile theme)?

How to allow users login to WP from external domain and make REST requests

Basically what i want to do is: Use WordPress as a login system and data storage for web-application on another domain. Make users able to register and perform REST calls from the application. Let users manage their accounts and post contents without using wp-admin at all. For REST Api i found a really nice plugin: […]

Posting From Apple Aperture?

When sorting through my images in Apple Aperture I regularly find myself wanting to post one, or a few dozen, of them to one of my WordPress sites. Does anyone know of an Aperture plugin or some way to create a quick post directly from the app? If Aperture was written in PHP, I’d be […]

When wp_schedule_event action has two possible directions, how to avoid an infinite loop?

I’m building a plugin that links WordPress and Salesforce like this (updating here to try to clarify what the plugin does): salesforce_push: send data from WordPress to Salesforce. This happens when a new item (this could be a post, user, etc. depending on map settings) gets created/updated/deleted in WordPress, and that data is sent to […]

How do I set up a custom URL shortener for my posts?

I have several different sites running off WordPress, and the URLs tend to get fairly long and cumbersome (particularly when I try to publish them via Twitter). I recently purchased a very short domain name, and I’d like to use it as the root of a personal URL shortening service. So … would become […]

Where to put third party PHP library?

I’m developing a couple of open-source plugins and a theme (all part of a “suite”) that all use the same third party PHP library. I’m wondering what is the best way to include it in WordPress. Here are some thoughts: put it in one of the plugins and require that plugin to be installed and […]