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Adding a photo to each WP user

I found several plugins (like this one and this one) to get the ability to attach a picture to a WP user. But these plugins are not maintained any more. Since there’s apparently no plugin that does it today, is there an easy way to do it manually?

Is there a way to change a post's thumbnail image(s)?

I just recently finished the first version of a blog (here: ), but whenever I share a post on social media, the thumbnail image is the atrocious scaled up version of one of the social media icon’s I have on the footer. I would really like that the thumbnail image be the logo which […]

Thumbnails on next/previous links in custom post type single.php

I’ve been successful in using the following code to display thumbnails for next & previous links for normal posts but this does not work at all for custom post types. <div id=”cooler-nav” class=”navigation”> <?php $prevPost = get_previous_post(true); if($prevPost) {?> <div class=”nav-box previous”> <?php $prevthumbnail = get_the_post_thumbnail($prevPost->ID, ‘tiny_thumb’ );?> <?php previous_post_link(‘%link’,”$prevthumbnail <p>%title</p>”, TRUE); ?> </div> <?php […]

Add version query tag to all images

I want caching all images on my site and prevent the browser download the images all times, so I would like add an version query tag to all images (for example: ?v=20160505) How can I add this for image urls? Now I use this code to show images in my theme: echo get_the_post_thumbnail( $thumbnail->ID, ‘thumbnail’ […]

Thumbnails produce unwanted gray pixels on white background

Is there a workaround for producing QUALITY “Featured Image” thumbnails of different sizes? WordPress produces compressed thumbnails that contain grey pixels where it should be a completely white background. Non-white backgrounds look okay. I am using Mac laptop if it matters. I am not using any plugins. How can I stop WordPress compression from producing […]

Post thumbnail relative link and HTML modify

I want to remove the website url from all the_post_thumbnail() so they become relative and remove/add attributes from the output. So far I got the following code added to functions.php of the theme, xcept I am not sure how to modify the thumbnail $html for the second part. Help is appreciated add_filter( ‘post_thumbnail_html’, ‘my_post_image_html’, 10, […]

Display latest 12 images from media library

I was looking for almost a week for such solution – without success. What I want to achieve is have a kind of ‘photos cloud’ on my wordpress homepage. What I need to do is to display latest 12 photos added to media library (so not from specific posts, but in general). thumbs should appear […]

Add Image to the RSS plugin reader from another RSS

Hello there i need help with the “Super RSS Reader”. It works great but i need add function to get image thumbnail from RSS description. foreach ($rss_items as $item){ // Get the link $link = $item->get_link(); while ( stristr($link, ‘http’) != $link ){ $link = substr($link, 1); } $link = esc_url(strip_tags($link)); // Get the item […]

Generated media have incorrect aspect ratio

Uploaded an image via standard ‘add new’ dialog to the WordPress Media library. Here were the original Media Settings: Thumbnail – 150×150 Medium – 300×300 Large – 1024×1024 I uploaded a 650×144 image. Resulting generated image sizes: 150×144.jpg 300×66.jpg 336×144.jpg Only the medium image has the correct ratio. The other two images are basically a […]

Why am I getting errors in product.thumbnails.php?

I’m using the Flatsome theme and getting 404s in the redirection plugin with the error being included at the end of the url, I have contacted the developer, no response just yet and I’m worried this could be damaging my SEO. Notice: Undefined variable: src in /…/wp-content/themes/flatsome/woocommerce/single-product/product-thumbnails.php/ on line 48 product-thumbnails.php <?php /** * Single […]