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Timezone Change Locked Me Out?

I have a weird issue: I changed my timezone, hit “Save,” and was immediately logged out of the admin panel. Now every time I try to access the dashboard after logging in I’m immediately logged out. My editor has not been effected by this—apparently it’s only my account. I’ve searched Google, the support forums, […]

date() returns incorrect value if used from WordPress theme, but correct otherwise

As I have mentioned in title if I use date(‘H’) function in WP theme, it simply returns UTC time, but the server is set to use timezone Europe/Riga and the same is set in WP General settings. At the same time if I use the same function in empty PHP test file it returns correctly […]

User specified Timezone

After a lengthy break from WP i’m getting my hands dirty with quite a complex plugin which is coming along nicely, but right now i am at the point of needing some advice on quite a complex issue: Project Outline Plugin is multi-functional with the core element being that it is a members based system […]

Translate current_time

I have current_time in theme and it displays date like: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2016. But I need to translate it to Persian. How can I do this?

Summer/winter time – “daylight savings”

I have a wordpress site connected to an automated system that bases its work upon posts’ modification date/time. In my timezone there have recently been a time swap and the operating system (linux) got it right, but wordpress still uses the “summer” time. I have read that php returns the “summer” time always, but provides […]

How to get date using timezone saved in options?

This question already has an answer here: How to get WordPress Time Zone setting? 6 answers

Is there any way to get a drop down list of time zones?

How can I access the time zone list in drop down similar to the time zone selector in the settings? I want the time zones to be similar to the exact list of the what is in the settings page. I searched the site but I didn’t find a question related to this issue.

timestamp and scheduled post irregularities

Update: I’ve confirmed the problem (that scheduled posts are based on UTC time), now just need advice and background to determine best solution. Questions: 1) how WP determines UTC time before calculating local timezone offset (i.e. does it use server OS time or some other source–can’t find in codex/googling) ..which would help me answer.. 2) […]

PHP function showing wrong time in WordPress

My local WordPress installation on XAMPP seems to have a wrong time setting. When I do date( ‘Y-m-d H:i:s’ ); I get 2017-02-21 10:46:43 as result. However my PCs time really is 2017-02-21 11:46:43, so my WordPress is one hour behind. Now I already did, what was recommended here and changed date.timezone in the php.ini […]

I get “The PHP Date/Time library is not supported by your web host.” on my CentOS host, what library to I need to install to add support?

I did some quick looking around, but my PHP skills are pretty nascent. I am sure there is just a package that needs installing. Edit to add additional information about the setup: Using: yum info php I get the version of PHP as 5.1.6: Name : php Arch : i386 Version : 5.1.6 More information, […]