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Timthumb.php image gallery not working on Multisite WordPress

What I am trying to do is get a gallery working on a multisite wordpress installation . . It works on the home site because that is where wordpress is actually installed but not on the sub domain sites. Timthumb.php is a script that basically resizes images into a thumbnail. So on main domain it […]

How to get blog_id of an MU site when running a custom function on the parent site

Simple enough question, but one which is proving difficult to find a solution to. Quick preamble – the situation this is addressing is a MU network using sitewide tags plugin which pulls all network posts to the main site’s home page, then timthumb is used to scale the images of each post which are retrieved […]

Remove timthumb.php from my custom theme

I have used timthumb.php to handle various type of image format in my custom theme, but this is making my site slow and more the number of images per page more it is taking to re size, crop them I am planning to remove timthumb.php file from my theme.Since all my work is at starting […]

Image resizing – TimThumb vs convert on upload?

I’m using jQuery Supersized to display a full screen background slideshow on my blog, and I’m using mobile detection to serve a smaller version of the images to mobile devices so it will load faster. Which option do you think would be better? Use TimThumb to dynamically resize the image size and jpeg quality On […]

Is Timthumb still broken? What security measures should be taken?

A client has requested we use a theme, and that theme has a Timthumb dependency. I know that there has been some serious vulnerabilities in the past, but what is the current state of that plugin? Can someone point me to an authoritative resource that addresses this vulnerability? It doesn’t appear that the plugin is […]

Large image upload size (using timthumb.php

I seem to be having this issue with all of the images on my site. First I optimise a .jpg in Photoshop to approx 100k (it’s a large header image), then I upload through WordPress’ media uploader as a Featured Image. Here’s the code I use to output the image in my template file: <?php […]

TImthumb not working for absolute path

Tim thumb script is working fine, My issue is with absolute path and relative path. when i give relative path, i get the output. but when i use the absolute path, i am getting 403 forbidden error. I would like to use absolute path. Pleas advise Thanks!

Why are some of my thumbnails not being generated?

I am currently developing my new theme over at and I am using a WooThemes template as my basic design. I want to try and include their WooTabs widget as graphically I think it is quite appealing for displaying post data to visitors. I know a lot of you aren’t fond of TimThumb but […]

Which Versions of WordPress Ship with the Patched TimThumb?

Do you recall when the TimThumb exploit occurred? Which versions of WordPress bundled with this exploit? I need to inform a client that they should be upgrading to at least the version of WP when this exploit was patched. Yes, I’m aware of the separate issue where TimThumb is also used in plugins — that’s […]

TimThumb & htaccess : clean url

Do you know if there’s a way to alter via htaccess the timthumb urls ? My question is if i can change for example urls like this thumb.php?src= to