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How do I add a TinyMCE row that all users can see, instead of just admins?

Currently I have successfully added a row of shortcode buttons to the TinyMCE editor in WordPress. The problem is, only admins can see the row, and I need contributors and editors to see it too. I have checked the Codex for add_action and add_filter and I can’t see any specific arguments to indicate user roles […]

WordPress & TinyMCE: Failed to load

As per other posts, I am trying to produce a customised WordPress installation as a CMS for my fishkeeping website. On one of my custom post types (species, which displays information about a given species of fish) doesn’t use the standard “Post” editor at all, instead it has numerous fields in meta boxes such as […]

Set WordPress TinyMCE Editor To Readonly

I am trying to disable the tinyMCEeditor in wordpress so it is readonly if the post has already been published. I already have the logic for determining if the post is published (by using $post object’s post_status variable)but I have not found a solution for setting the readonly parameter in tinyMCE to true. Cross-Post from […]

How to remove_filter that filters iframes in posts?

This question already has an answer here: Make WordPress WYSIWYG not strip out iframe's 5 answers

Can I remove the Rich Text box editor for a specific post?

A few months ago I asked a similar question: Is it possible to remove the main rich Text box editor? and got the following answer: function remove_pages_editor(){ remove_post_type_support( ‘page’, ‘editor’ ); } add_action( ‘init’, ‘remove_pages_editor’ ); This code removes the editor from all pages. Can I remove if from specific pages (by post-ID) somehow? Thanks!

Excluding post type from WordPress link builder

I have created a custom post type with parameter ‘public’ set to true. This is because I have to have it accessible in plugins that help you to build queries for post display, such as the Views (part of Toolset) plugin. On the other hand, when I create a new post or page and use […]

TinyMCE editor – new lines not rendered on front end

I’ve been working with a plugin making various tweaks and adding additional functionality. It uses custom post type to create a page with an associated download. In the admin area which allows you to create these new downloads, there is a box which allows you to add/edit a description for the download. This serves as […]

Add a select a class dropdown in tinymce

How can I add add a dropdown/select with pre defined class names into the WordPress wysiwyg (tinymce advanced) that I can put on different elements? What I’d like: Add some text or any other element Click the text and click the dropdown to select a class to be added to that element

How to stop editor removing space ( ) in the beginning of the paragraph

I use WordPress with TinyMCE in Chinese. It needs double white spaces in the beginning of each paragraph. But the editor will automatically removing all spaces(white space and nbsp; code) in the beginning of the paragraph when I toggle the editor between WYSIWYG mode and HTML mode. When I used WordPress 3.8, I could stop […]

Add TinyMCE to CPT metaboxes in 3.1?

Been looking around for an alternative to this method:–wysiwyg-editor-with-your-custom-post-meta-textareas/ To add the WYSIWYG capability to custom metaboxes. You get so little control with this method, is there any other way?