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TinyMCE Javascript URL Question{ file : url + ‘/shortcode_generator_popup.php’, I would like to move this file one folder above the current one that it’s in. I’m wondering how I can rewrite this so that is points to the folder above. I’ve tried: file : url + ‘../shortcode_generator_popup.php’ but of course it only turns into: /includes/js../shortcode_generator_popup.php Thanks for any […]

Can i set css class for table via TinyMCE

I’m using TinyMCE plugin. And now i need to set css class for table. I found some info on . But how can i apply it in TinyMCE plugin for wordpress? Or there is some better solution for setting css class for table in TinyMCE?

How can I allow the user to press enter without creating a new element in the editor?

I wrote a tinymce button to place a special div on my editor (I didn’t use the format dropdown because the client was unsure of it). When the user presses enter inside the div it creates another instance of that div. I want it create a paragraph inside that div. I’m using a similar plugin […]

Visual composer causing conflict with TinyMCE

My Tinymce is not showing up by default. All out of the sudden, without any new plugin installation or what so ever, VC plugin started to force my text editor (when creating a new entry) to switch from TinyMCE to HTML. I have tested: * Switch themes with Visual Composer plugin activated – the problem […]

Where's the explanation of the TinyMCE's vars in the WP core?

I am modifying my TinyMCE editor for my users, and I’m using the example in the docs as a starting point. function my_format_TinyMCE( $in ) { $in[‘remove_linebreaks’] = false; $in[‘gecko_spellcheck’] = false; $in[‘keep_styles’] = true; $in[‘accessibility_focus’] = true; $in[‘tabfocus_elements’] = ‘major-publishing-actions’; $in[‘media_strict’] = false; $in[‘paste_remove_styles’] = false; $in[‘paste_remove_spans’] = false; $in[‘paste_strip_class_attributes’] = ‘none’; $in[‘paste_text_use_dialog’] = […]

How do I hide tinymce within the edit screen of a particular page

I have a page. The page is assigned a unique page template. The template will use a custom loop. This loop will not call the content of the particular page. I’d like to hide tinymce from the user. My preference would be to do this programatically, using a WordPress function rather then using css to […]

Visual Editor is blank – 404 for plugin js

My client’s visual editor is not working. I’m seeing a ton of JS errors in the console. All 404 errors for plugin files related to tiny_mce. Here’s a couple: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)…-kit-api/assets/js/tiny_mce/plugins/charmap/plugin.js?wp-mce-4203-20150730 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status […]

Why exactly does WordPress use p tags, not divs?

Something I find somewhat odd is that by default, WordPress always seems to make paragraphs, not divs when you press enter. At first this may seem like the common way to make paragraphs, but it’s actually not that common: Gmail uses brs, not paragraphs in its editor. The Outlook mail online uses divs (or br […]

Selectively remove empty line after line change

In WP post editor, how can I change lines without adding an empty line? I try to post this One line Second line third line But it always shows like this One line Second line Third line PS: I don’t want to completely remove wpautop, because it will probably ruin all my previous posts.

How to add custom 'layout' buttons to wordpress editor?

I’d like to modify the editor by adding some ‘layout’ buttons. Ideally, I’d like to add the ability to add some html ‘partial’ by simply clicking a button. This is to help my client to create pre-coded pieces of page by himself, since he can’t code html markup. So, I would pre-program some micro-templates and […]