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Taxonomy page shows category in title

I have a custom taxonomy called ‘Genres’ within that I have various taxonomies: ‘Paintings’ ‘Drawings’ etc. I use the code below to create my page titles. When viewing the taxonomy page for ‘Paintings’ I get a page title ‘Paintings | Genres | BlogName’ whereas I wanted to display only: ‘Paintings | BlogName’, how can I […]

WP Gallery showing captions twice

I am using standard WP gallery to display images. I have added caption to every image, image title was not changed so it is same like file name. When I open one image in gallery it shows caption text in span class “TitleText”. This is ok but with some images it shows the same text […]

Microformats in a single post – layout conflict

WordPress uses microformats, for example, when we use the function post_class() in the DIV containing the article. It automatically includes the class called hentry, which is used in microformats. This is the structure: hentry entry-title updated published author … So the use of the microformats is really easy, it’s only needed to use it as […]

WP List Pages – Add Title Attributes to Anchors

Using the default wp_list_pages() is there an easy way / filter to add title attribute to the anchors? Right now it just spits out the anchor with no title attribute but I would like to add it on just as the page title or something: <a href=”” title=”Test Page”>Test Page</a> Now I know I can […]

If post exists in the database – each time goes on `else`

Firstly, I am a newbie when it comes to php. I have a plugin that periodically imports posts into my website. Normally, it should check if the post already exists, and if it does, it updates it. Otherwise it creates a new one. Now for some reason, it always takes the else path no matter […]

Array to modify post titles

Could this be converted into an array: function manipulate_post_title($title){ global $post; if ($post->ID == 1) {$title = $title.’suffix’;} if ($post->ID == 2) {$title = $title.’different_suffix’;} } add_filter (‘the_title’,’manipulate_post_title’,10,1); Something like: ‘1’ => $title.’suffix’, ‘2’ => $title.’different_suffix’ New version based on your code (doesn’t work): function manipulate_post_title($title){ global $post; $title = get_the_title(); $title_array = array( ‘1’ […]

Show post title words one by one

How to show post title words one by one, but to exclude words with 3 or less characters. Also it would be nice to be able to exclude some words, for example to make some list of words to exclude from showing. Point is to show post title words one one but to exclude common […]

Need help with page title (Static front page)

I need some help with the code to put inside the <title> to generate the following: Static front page: Should just be the bloginfo(‘name’) All other pages: Should be wp_title() | bloginfo(‘name’) EDIT I have tried the following but it doesn’t work: <title><?php if(is_front_page() ) { bloginfo(‘name’) } else { wp_title() | bloginfo(‘name’) } ?></title>

Replace a 'Title' tag with a Custom Field

I have this code in my theme: <div class=”article-navigation”> <?php previous_post_link(‘<div class=”navigation-item navigation-item–previous”>%link</div>’, sprintf(‘<span class=”arrow”></span> <div class=”navigation-item__content”> <div class=”navigation-item__wrapper”> <span class=”button-title”>%s</span> <h3 class=”post-title”>%%title</h3> </div> </div>’, __(‘Previous Article’, ‘border_txtd’)) ); ?> <?php next_post_link(‘<div class=”navigation-item navigation-item–next”>%link</div>’, sprintf(‘<span class=”arrow”></span> <div class=”navigation-item__content”> <div class=”navigation-item__wrapper”> <span class=”button-title”>%s</span> <h3 class=”post-title”>%%title</h3> </div> </div>’, __(‘Next Article’, ‘border_txtd’)) ); ?> </div> I want the […]

Get featured image on hover of post title

I need to get respective featured image on hovering of post title is there any plugin to achieve this I tried geting this by using Js and CSS but failed to achieve.Searched through Googe and WSE too but not successful. Thanks in advance