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Is there a way to remove a tooltip of a plugin via custom CSS?

I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this. I have gotten away with manipulating a lot of the values on the front-end of WordPress pages using custom CSS on various themes, but I’ve hit a wall this time and I’m not sure how to over come. In this instance, one of the […]

How can I change the tooltip in the_category?

My use of the_category works fine, but I want to change the tooltip, which says “View all posts in (category name)”. How can I change this tooltip? I guess this might be something similar to this. Thank you

Show user info in a hovercard

I whant to display user info in a hovercard. I use a jquery plugin to for the hovercard. I call my file like this <?php include ‘includes/tooltip.php’; ?> and this is my code from tooltip.php. <div class=”tip-info”> <?php if ($comment->user_id) {$userdata=get_userdata($comment->user_id); echo ‘<span>’. $userdata->display_name . ‘</span>’; echo ‘<span>’. $userdata->user_description .'</span>’; echo ‘<span>’. $userdata->twitter.'</span>’; echo ‘<span>’. […]

How to use the built in tooltip for form validation error messages in WP admin plugin?

I’m building a wordpress plugin that includes serveral menus in the wordpress backend (admin). I’d like to use as many existing parts as possible and make my menus look like the standard wordpress ones. WordPress already does quite nice form validation on its admin forms and I already reuse the form-required class to enforce required […]

What are the requirements to make the admin toolbar show up on the front end

I have done some weird things with a few custom theme pages. Namely, i have bypassed the wp_query and obtained data from a different db. I populate the post object with custom data and then inject this into my theme. Since the toolbar shows up fine normally, there must be some sort of trigger that […]

Custom metabox field help tips popups

Is there anything built-in to core that displays a little (?) icon next to admin-side input fields (custom metabox input fields, for example) that provide tooltips or a contextual help popup when rolled over? I thought I saw something like that once, but it may very well have been specific to a plugin. Any thoughts?

Adding a tooltip above Categories postbox in Post Editor

I’m looking to add an onmouseover tooltip link above the categories postbox/widget in the post editor screen of the WordPress backend to help further clarify to the users on my site which is the most suitable category to post in. Does anyone have a simple and elegant solution that avoids hacking the core files? First […]

Can I make simple global tooltips in WordPress?

We wish to have ALL external links within a WordPress site have a simple mouseover tooltip without having to place a title tag or rel or class tag within it. I’ve tried several methods using the $(‘a[href=http]’) selector but can not for the life of me get anything to work. Here is the code I […]

How to add a CSS class to the tooltip on a navigation menu?

I’m looking for a way to add a CSS class to the anchor tag of the tooltip on a menu item. Currently, I see that you can easily add a CSS class to the menu’s li but I’m trying to style the tooltip itself, not the menu item. Looking at the Codex for wp_nav_menu, I […]

Change tooltip in tag cloud

How to change tag tooltip to tag Description? I tried and my code is mentioned below. function title_text( $description ) { return sprintf( _n(‘%s topic’, ‘%s’, $description), $description ); } wp_tag_cloud( array( ‘topic_count_text_callback’ => ‘title_text’) ); This is not working. Can any one please check this code and find me a correct solution?