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Transfer wordpress site from web server to localhost

I recently started a wordpress blog. I manually installed wordpress on the server. But I want some changes to my blog, so I want to do them offline(Localsystem). I transferred my files to localhost. After transfer I opened in the url “localhost/blog” main page is showing. When I click the categories section it is redirecting […]

How to transfer from localHost to live but use the already existing database on the server?

I have been developing a WordPress website for a client, working from my own machine utilizing WAMP to create a local environment on which to work. Now, the problem is that the website needs to go live. I understand how to use an FTP client, and that’s not a problem. I have the details for […]

WordPress Domain redirects to different host

I wanted to move my wordpress site from Bluehost to InMotion. I did so by copying all files from public_html from my Bluehost server to InMotion. Under wp-config I changed database info etc. Then, in WordPress I changed the WordPress Adress (URL) and Site URL under “Settings -> General” to my new domain and was […]

Use of domain name

You may have to excuse my ignorance and lack of knowledge, I am totally new to WP. I need a new website, and I went to Register365 and bought my domain name. I had intended to use their “build your own website” service, and that they would host it. However, I find they could not […]

Moving WordPress from live to local server

I have a wordpress install that I have been working on and now I want develop the install on my local server. I have downloaded all of the site files and added it to my local server directory. I also exported the live database and import into the local install’s database. The only credentials that […]

How do I display offsite database info on my wordpress site?

I host some online games from my personal computer which the game saves information to my Mysql database. I would like to display live data (if possible) on my hosted WordPress site. I know the easiest way would to do a remote connection, but my host does not allow that. All I am trying to […]

How to transfer one domain to another domain without losing theme options (customizer)?

I have developed the one wordpress site with custom theme, Here I used the custom customizer options. Then site completed on my local machine I mean localhost ( Now the problem is I tried to transfer my site to live domain ( How I tried to transfer files? 1) exported the database from localhost/phpmyadmin and […]

Transfer of wordpress site from one domain and server to another domain and server

I have moved a wordpress site from one domain and server to another domain and server. Everything looks fine except all the links within the site are still pointing to the previous domain. Please let me know what went wrong with the transfer. I’ll really be thankful for the kind response and help.

Updating / Transferring site

I’m working for a non-profitable company and their website is running on wordpress. They haven’t updated their website for a while and I believe they are running wordpress 3.4.7. They also have archived posts/ videos/ pages and photos since 2006. I was wondering if there is a way to update the website to the latest […]

Moving wordpress to an unknown outlet

I have some wordpress websites on one server that I want to download. The problem is I don’t know what url or what server I am moving it to. The problem is I do want the original to work. Suggestions on what I should do? This WordPress Codex suggests I already know where I am […]