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Post deleted in trash

I need a plugin or some method to recover deleted post of trash.

Nonce for Trashing Item

I have a custom admin page. On it, I have created a filtered list of the custom post type based on postmeta data. I have to create a link to delete that post. I am trying to figure out how to create the link with a nonce. sprintf(‘<a href=”post.php?post=%s&action=%s&_wpnonce=%s” class=”link-course-delete”>Trash</a>’,$item[‘ID’],’trash’,wp_create_nonce(???)) I am not sure what […]

How to cancel an action hooked to untrash_post? or any hook

I want to do the following in a plugin: – hook to untrash_postwith a custom function – do some checking inside custom function – cancel actual post restoring (untrashing) I’ve tried with remove_action but doesn’t seem to work. Can you point me into the right direction? Code sample: add_action( ‘untrash_post’, array( __CLASS__, ‘static_untrash_handler’ ) ); […]

How to restore all items from trash

I have accidentally deleted a WP user. By deleting it, WP removed all the media files, pages etc. I could retrieve pages and posts from trash. But I could not restore media items. Is there a way to restore all items from trash back?

Comments screen in backend, how to disable Quick Edit | Edit | History | Spam | for non admins

I’m trying to adjust the comments screen for non admins to my project. Right now I’d like to disable Quick Edit | Edit | History | Spam under any comment left for any post created by the user. Thanks!

WordPress has a trash for users? (Wrong result for count_user, greater than expected)

I am using count_users() function to count users on my wordpress sites. In my administration area -> ‘Users’ I can see 7 users, but the function returns 9. After some time, searching for errors in my code, I noticed that in the admin area there are 7 users listed, but near the ‘All’ link there […]

SQL Command for restoring trashed comments

When trashing a post, also trash related comments so here is what i want, what‘s’ the sql Command I want to move some post to trash according their ID, what is the sql command,I can restore these post and their comments using sql command

wp_trash_post hook – problem with page updating if using wp_die

I am building a plugin which in some cases prevents certain posts from being put into the bin. For this, I am using “wp_trash_post”. In the callback function, I do the logic to check if the post can be put in the bin or not. If it can’t then wp_die() is called. Simplified code looks […]

How to restore permanently trash page?

I have accidentally permanently deleted the home page from my website. Is there any way how to restore it? 🙁 Thank you in advance.

How to recover permanently deleted blog posts?

I accidentally deleted about 20 blog posts and they were in my trash folder for over a month and now have permanently deleted. I was wondering if there’s a way to recover these? For example I have seen mention of MySql database and phpMyAdmin, and was wondering if these would be applicable in my case […]