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Moving a blog from Tumblr to WordPress

I want to move all my content, posts and pics from Tumblr to WordPress ..! What would be the best way to do this???

Tumblr-like Post Types for WordPress

Is there any way to get Tumblr-like post types for WordPress? Ones where when you select a post type, it gives you different fields in the post editor for that type. For instance, if there was a link post type, I could enter the URL, the title, and an optional description of the link. Or, […]

Redirects from Tumblr to new WP

I migrated a site from Tumblr to WordPress and was able to get all the content over (in pieces) using the FeedWordPress plugin. What I am now trying to do is get the old permalink structure to redirect dynamically. The plugin added a custom field with the old Tumblr permalink (syndication_permalink is the name of […]

Reblog from Tumblr to WordPress

If you have a Tumblr blog, you can ‘reblog’ from other Tumblr blogs, much like a trackback. I follow a couple of Tumblr blogs and sometimes want to quote from those websites. And, on these Tumblr sites, there is a ‘notes’ section for each post listing each ‘reblog’. So my question is: is there some […]

How to find attachment ID for first image in a post

I am using a plugin to forward photo posts from wordpress to a tumblr blog. I have the following code: //post blog to tumblr function postBlogTumblr($postID) { $URLServer = “”; $t_post = get_post($postID); $t_url = get_permalink($postID); $tumblr_data = unserialize(get_option(“tumblr”)); $postdata[’email’] = $tumblr_data[‘tumblr_login_email’]; $postdata[‘password’] = $tumblr_data[‘tumblr_login_pass’]; $postdata[‘type’] = “photo”; $postdata[‘source’] = the_attachment_link($attachment_id); $postdata[‘caption’] = $t_post->post_title.”(via”; […]

WordPress Queue like Tumblr?

Is there a way to give WordPress the queue functionality that Tumblr has? Tumblr’s queue, for those who don’t know, is a way to space posts out without assigning specific post dates. For example, a Tumblr queue might be set to post every four hours between 9am and 5pm. Tumblr would drop the front post […]

How can I migrate from another platform to WordPress (using the same domain) and launch when ready?

Currently, I have a blog that runs atop Tumblr, which is relatively young (3 months old or so, maybe 25 posts altogehter) that I want to migrate to a self-hosted WordPress installation. I’ve installed and configured WordPress many, many times, but I’ve never been able to figure this out. Here’s what I’d like to do, […]