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Including a post title in a twitter link

Im trying to make a Twitter button on each article of my blog. This is the code I use on single.php <a href=”<?php echo urlencode(get_the_title()); ?>”> Tweet this! </a> The problem is that I have a blog post with this title: Give format to “bodytext” and when I tweet it, the quotes appear as Give […]

Show Twitter followers count snippets don't work

No matter what I try I can’t seem to get the code snippets to work that will display the number of followers of Twitter. I tried various ones as the Plugin I’m using is not showing the Twitter number at all, so I need to look for alternatives. When I tried this snippet, for example, […]

publish_post hook isn't working for scheduled posts

I had a bit of an issue with wp-to-twitter publishing a tweet linking to a post that was set as ‘pending’ that i had emailed to my site. The email included a footer, which included my mobile number. I decided to create my own plugin. add_action(‘publish_post’, ‘tcr_tweet’); /* the function */ function tcr_tweet($postID) { […]

Which social connect plugin do you recommend?

I’m searching a social connect plugin which allows users to register/login using the following sites and support MULTISITE 1)Facebook 2)Twitter 3)Google 4)Yahoo 5)Others (optional) I’ve tried many plugin but none of them met my requirements. Plugins that support facebook,twitter,google,yahoo has security issues. I’ve tried otto’s simple facebook and twitter connect. It is a good plugin […]

Browser loading content from Twitter in admin area?

I have noticed that when I am in my Dashboard and switching from main Dashboard to for example plugins, Twitter seems to be loading something. As I am located in China where Twitter is blocked, it always takes forever for my browser to realise that Twitter cannot be loaded, and thus before the page(s) finish […]

Share comment to twitter after publishing

I need to share the comment from my web site after admin approves it from comment form to twitter account of user who comment for the post in my site. How can I do that?

Trying to inject twitter metadata into <head> using wp_head action in functions.php – get_the_excerpt() returns null

So I followed the “Add Twitter Cards without plugins” this tutorial for how to add twitter metatags into the header using the wp_head method. I have pretty much taken the code as is, and put it in my functions.php. This works great for all the metatags except get_the_excerpt() which seems to just return nothing and […]

Is it possible a one click user registration with Facebook or Twitter (or other Social Networks)?

Would it be possible to create a wp user by signin up with Facebook connect? (And through Twitter app, and eventually other major social networks? Facebook is most important, then Twitter, the rest are not so important) – User fills form with one click, eventually is asked in the form to fill a custom display […]

Twitter-like follow system, is there any plugin?

I’m running a multi-author wp site and I’m looking for a plugin that adds a “Follow me” button near the author name so the user can follow his favourite author. I need also to display the other users that are are following the author (i.e. “38 people are following Author_name -> click to view users). […]

Searching for a better Twitter widget

I’m using the “FriendFeed Activity” widget to show the latest 7 enties of my friend feed. However, FriendFeed just aggregates my Twitter, Blog (via RSS) and YouTube activities. That are things Twitter couldn’t handle at the beginning, but now can. So I’m thinking of removing my FriendFeed and switch completely to Twitter (and a Twitter […]