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Getting Twitter Content on My Blog

I’m the editor of a niche blog that posts lots of great content. We also post links to other sites/resources in our Twitter feed. What’s frustrating to me is that outside content on our Twitter feed gets lost to the ether. It’s good, helpful stuff, but you can’t find it three months (or years) later, […]

Twitter Product Cards

I am trying to show twitter product cards. I have this function in my functions.php . I validated the twitter card and everything looks good except the product data. I am trying to display it for only the post type shops. function add_twitter_cards() { is_singular( ‘shops’ ); { $tc_url = get_permalink(); $tc_title = get_the_title(); $tc_description […]

Getting 404 in the Javascript

I have directory called “api” and in that I want to run a php script called “tweet.php”. This script file is calling inside a JS file. However I am getting a 404. Need help to solve the issue. Link to the project directory Thanks

How do I get the Twitter Tools widget to display my tweets?

I’m trying to archive my tweets in WordPress and display recent ones in my sidebar. I’ve installed the Twitter Tools plugin, configured it, and added its widget to my sidebar. Twitter Tools is creating blog posts for each of my tweets, so I know it is authorized by Twitter successully. However, the sidebar widget just […]

How to get a retweet button on my blog?

Is is possible to get a retweet button on a blog? I see that plugins are not an option, and the only widget that I found was for adding my tweets to my blog. I’m looking to add my blog to other peoples tweets, and I’m surprised that isn’t built in, like the FaceBook […]

Timed post and tweet?

I’m new to wordpress. Is it possible to say i would like to make this article public on this day and time AND have wordpress tweet it? Possibly tweeting the subject+link or a twitter msg i add in + link on that said time/date?

facebook like, tweet and google+1 buttons inside the loop on home, archive and search pages and missing facebook like buttons

Is there a way to add social media buttons, especially facebook like, tweet and google+1 inside the loop for each post on home, search and archive pages without getting masses of script downloads? And on slight tangent, but not much, I seem to be missing facebook like buttons on half of the posts in the […]

How can I style a certain element only when wptouch is active?

I just installed the wptouch plugin for auto-styling my blog in mobile devices. How can I style a certain element on my page to be hidden when this view is active? I.e., in particular, on my blog Under My Hat, I have a WP Follow Me plugin which behaves rather annoyingly on mobile devices, which […]

Auto-Tweet if Type is 'Status' using OAuth

Should be simple – I’d like WP to tweet the content of a post once (when it’s published the first time) if the post format is ‘status’. The code below isn’t returning an error on publish, nor is it tweeting OR updating the post metadata, which leads me to believe I’m either using the hook […]

How would I use this filter to change the output of the date format to “Twitter time”?

I’m using a plugin called Latest Tweet Widget to display the latest tweet. The tweet date gets displayed by the month and day (Mar 22). However, I want it to be in “Twitter time” meaning words like “3 days ago, 1 hour ago, etc.”. I asked the developer of the plugin at the WordPress forums […]