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How to allow .bin files upload?

How can I allow .bin files upload in media library? I have found couple codes online but none of them actually work.

register_post_type permalink

Next, I have a problem. I created a post_type = ‘gallery’. So when I open my gallery my link goes like this: localhost/gallery_name/image_name but I need a structure like this: localhost/post_name/gallery_name/image_name In my function php ‘rewrite’ => array(‘slug’ => ‘/’,) How can save my post name(my permalink structure) and then add gallery name and image […]

Custom Post Type archive

Hey all first off im a WP newbie so go easy! Ive been searching for a couple of days now to see if I can find the answer to this but cant get anything definitive. I have a custom post type called ‘documents’ and a corresponding archive called archive-documents.php. When I click on a custom […]

Two Custom Post Types with Identical Articles Competing for the same Slug

I have created two custom post types, each with it’s own slug. Each custom post type contains some articles with the same title. So ideally I would have . . customposttype1/mainarticle/ customposttype2/mainarticle/ Instead I get . . . customposttype1/mainarticle/ customposttype2/mainarticle2/ <– with the extra 2 on the end The permalinks are set to “postname”. Any […]

relating business and products with custom taxonomy?

This isn’t a code question so much as a how would you do that kind of question. What I can’t figure out is how to relate businesses to the the products that they sell. If I’ve got a custom post type and related taxonomy for a product (post type of product and taxonomies for price, […]

Custom taxonomy archive page problem

My website is built on custom post types, that I have organized with different custom taxonomies. The menu buttons are the taxonomies archive pages (red, blue, green), so that when you click on the term ‘red’ of the custom taxonomy ‘socks’ (for example) you get all the articles that correspond to red socks. Now then, […]

Add category selection to custom post type (plugin)

I picked up someone’s old project at the company I work at. They created a plugin to add courses to the website (including dates, location etc), but they didn’t add the possibility to select a category for the course. I want to add this function, which I tried by looking at their other code and […]

Custom Post Type Rewrite To Include Parent Page(s)

I have a page title “more” with subpage “cities-guide”. Said “cities guide” page has a loop that pulls in posts from custom post type “thailife_city_guide”. My permalink structure is /%category%/%postname%/. At present clicking a link to a custom post from gives for example. I want it to be displayed as but cannot […]

show custom post type category dropdown sorting result on same page

I made a custom post type “kaubad” and i also want to add sorting option on website front end – users can select between this custom post type categories. here is screenshot about what i want to do. but i want to do it with costum post type and display results also on costum post […]

Need help enqueueing webfonts

I am attempting to enqueue web fonts that I am loading in via the WebINK font library. (This service is similar to Typekit). This service works by generating a unique CSS link for each unique site. I have successfully enqueued Google WebFonts before, but am struggling with enqueueing WebINK’s CSS. I’m thinking the problem has […]