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Is there a plugin for feedback like Kissmetrics available?

Kissmetrics has a little widget thing that pops up from the bottom-right corner of the page, asking for comments or offering a short feedback survey. Is there anything like this available for WordPress for free? I’m on a shoestring and need a free plugin. I don’t mean a subscription-based service: just a plugin that can […]

How to make the home screen of my blog not show full posts?

I recently set up my blog and on the home screen, the full blog posts are shown. Is there a way to cut off the blog posts at some point in the text? As it is now, my home screen is extremely long with a bunch of full blog posts.

Customizing Users in Admin Area

I know how to customize the users in the admin area of WordPress. I have done it many times. However, I would like to customize the user a bit differently as explained below. I would like to add a new labe and a new textbox associated with that label. Lets call them “Label 1” and […]

Change menu order of core post-type in UI?

I’d like to move Posts from it’s position (5) in the Dashboard Menu. I tried to re-register it with only the menu order, but it no longer displays at all. function reorder_core_post_types() { register_post_type( ‘post’, [‘menu_order’=>10] ); } add_action( ‘init’, ‘reorder_core_post_types’ ); Is it possible to do this?

How to add UI buttons in customizer like twentyseventeen

So its been days since i’ve been looking into this and still found zero clue as to how to do it in my own custom theme. I’ve also had a look at this, but nothing. I had a look at the customizer of twenty-seventeen and found that the code responsible was $wp_customize->selective_refresh->add_partial( ‘blogname’, array( ‘selector’ […]

Page not found for custom post type UI plugin and taxonomy

I am using Custom post type UI and when I try to go to the post created under the post type projects page is redirected to page not found page. I have page created with same name before but I have changed that page name to other name and also parmalink. I have also created […]

UI for taxonomies & query vars

I’m building a review category on our site and I’m wondering what would be the best way to build an UI for sorting the reviews. This is how it will be setup: A archive of reviews at /reviews/ The reviews are categorized based for example on the genre and country of origin. I would like […]

Back End Interface Plugin

The Back-end of WordPress is nice, but I would like to customize the UI to some degree. My goal is to make the user experience REALLY simple for untrained users. I suspect plugins exist for this, but I thought I would ask the experts of Stack Exchange, before chasing any ideas down potentially deep rabbit […]

Reorder “menu order” of attachments to another predefined order

I want to show photos attached to a post in a gallery using the built-in system with a custom order. Currently with the shortcode it is posible to order it by name, by upload date, by ID, randomly or by a custom “menú order”. I guess there are more option with custom queries in templates, […]

What's the best way to render Visual Composer in posts, not pages?

I have a page with layout and ui content I’d love to use in my posts. Is that possible without running through all the shortcodes with do_shortcode?