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WordPress 3.2 Admin UI Guide

Is there such a guide somewhere so that I could use standard UI elements (especially since the 3.2 rewrite) instead of marking up my own? Like the Categories metabox tabs for example.

Where should I put “run once” plugin pages?

Where should I put an administration page that should only be used once? I am creating a plugin that will index all used HTML tags in your posts, so you can cleanup posts if you change themes and want to replace old incorrect <font> tags with headers or other semantic markup. When you install this […]

$content_width for responsive UI

In our “mobile first” age a theme without responsive UI is treated like from stone age. It means that a theme could have different content width for different devices. But one of requirements for theme development is to provide $content_width variable which should contain actual width of content area of a theme. Taking in consideration […]

Prevent Selected Terms Rising to the Top

When you’re editing a post and select a child category or term, and update, the selected terms appear at the top ( leading to potentially confusing situations where ‘foo’ ‘foo’ and ‘foo’ are selected each with different parents and no way to tell them apart ). How do I prevent this behaviour? Either by showing […]

Add site options UI in Multisite Sites > Infos page

I want to add meta fields for the sites in my network (such as a thumbnail and a category). I know how to do this using get/add/update_site_option, but I’m wondering where I could put the UI to manage those meta fields. The best place would be in the Sites > Infos page, just after the […]

How to change the file upload directory on version 3.5?

The option to change the upload folder for images is gone on version 3.5, any way to make it visible again or a workaround ? From this core ticket: Changing the upload_path and upload_url_path options are pretty dangerous. They have the potential to break quite a bit of things, not to mention they have the […]

Using standard backend elements in Plugin

I’m currently writing a plugin for a company. I created a custom backend page where the admin can change settings used by the plugin. Currently it looks very messy because there is just too much information on one single site. To clean it a little bit up, I’d like to separate it in sections. It […]

If your blog was an app on Facebook

If you were to turn your blog into a Facebook app, what features would it have? What would the UI look like? What are the significant dealbreakers you’d need to satisfy to extend your blog to a social networking platform? I’m marking this as a community wiki because I’m not looking for one answer, but […]

how do I force a single column layout in screen layout

I am using multipress, but users with small screens cannot access the HTML tab as the Publish meta box has a div that slides above it, disabling the ability to click it. One idea is to force a single column layout, but there are no options for this in screen options. Is there another way […]

Complex widget form UI – examples and best practices

I’m contemplating a widget with quite a number of options, which will make for a lengthy widget form. To improve the user experience with this form, I’d like to divide it into sections. I don’t feel like re-inventing the wheel, so what are some examples of widgets that have fairly complex forms (especially those which […]