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Get latest posts from WordPress site without header / menu

I have no knowledge about WordPress. However, I want to fetch and display the latest posts of a WordPress site in an application window. One way to do so is to use the RSS feed. However, this requires parsing and displaying the data in my application. So I would like to use an HTML view […]

“GET / HTTP/1.1” 304 186 “-” inside access_log for a WordPress site, but the admin side works

I’ve been struggling with this problem and I hope I posted this question in the correct place. I have a WordPress site I installed on a dreamhost host, it’s a Linux host. I cloned this site over from another host where it works OK. Now, the /wp-admin side works perfectly, I can navigate around and […]

WordPress update and plugin install not working

I am working on a website that I installed WP on a few months back but haven’t worked on beyond the install of WP and a theme. I went back to it today and needed to update WP and install a few plugins. When I went to do that it started asking me for FTP […]

WordPress Site has 35K spam images

I am helping a client who’s site has numerous plugins and 35K spam images from Zillow. They are in the media library. He also has 100K spam comments. I have since disabled the comments. He also had over 300 users with no roles. I have removed all users except the one with admin privileges. How […]

How to use user table of different database for wordpress users?

I’ve a website currently running in CI and it has user table. I’m making a wordpress website and need it to use user table of CI Db for users to login in wordpress. How can I use only that table of different database? Both DBs are on same server. Also I have to differentiate between […]

.BMP Image Resize Issue in WordPress

I have created image gallery using foo gallery.. I have created gallery and upload images all the images is resize and display properlly except .bmp image. So how to resolve the issue of .bmp image resize in WordPress… enter image description here

Why cron doesn't work to me?

I’m on centOS 7 and I have a wordpress site. Due to some problems with the wordpress default wp-cron settings, I have choosed to do the cron tasks with my server instead. I have used this command: wget > /dev/null 2>&1 to run every 10 minutes. This works, every ten minutes it try to […]

How to get and save WordPress content (html, css, images, videos) from a Java program?

I apologize if it’s not the good place to ask this question. Please if it’s not help me to find where I have to ask it. So here is my challenge. I need to get and save WordPress content (html, css, images and videos) from a Java program. html, images, css Wordpress —————–> File system […]

Writing functions in WordPress functions.php that don't replace a WordPress core function

Using instructions from the WordPress codex, I have replaced/added to a number of WordPress core and theme functions. For these tasks, code, such as add_action( ‘after_setup_theme’, ‘mytheme_custom_header_setup’ ); are already putting the code to work in the right place of the processing. Now, I have a situation where I want to move code from a […]

WordPress get permalink function

I would to include a Post URL in which it calls the get permalink function of the Page url and returns it, including it in the Post URL. so for example: Page URL then the post URL <- the permalink from the page url. I am not sure if this is possible. I […]