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How to display user's nickname by default instead of username

I need to display the user’s nickname by default after they are created in the DB, NOT the username. I am creating a user with: wp_create_user( $user_name, $random_password, $user_email ); updating the user nickname field directly after user creation: update_user_meta($user_id, ‘nickname’, $user_nickName); Now i need the “Display name publicly as” to be set to the […]

Update user meta array using foreach

I have two arrays consisting of keys and values: Array consisting meta keys: $user_meta_fields = array ( ‘first_name’, ‘last_name’, ‘job_title’, ‘college’, ‘street_address’,’address_line2′,’city’,’state’,’country’, ‘zip’, ‘phone’, ’email’ ); Array consisting values: $post_data[‘fname’] = $_POST[‘fname’]; $post_data[‘lname’] = $_POST[‘lname’]; $post_data[‘job_title’] = $_POST[‘job_title’]; $post_data[‘college’] = $_POST[‘college’]; $post_data[‘street_address’] = $_POST[‘street_address’]; $post_data[‘address_line2’] = $_POST[‘address_line2’]; $post_data[‘city’] = $_POST[‘city’]; $post_data[‘state’] = $_POST[‘state’]; $post_data[‘country’] = […]

Constant for 'barebones' update of WordPress

I feel slightly stupid asking this, but I could have sworn I stumbled across a constant that could be added to wp-config.php so that, when you update your WordPress installation, it only updates WordPress and doesn’t download additional things like the default theme. However, I now can’t find it for the life of me. I’ve […]

Reliability of WordPress 4 one click update

I need to update a clients WordPress site to WP 4, however I’m a little nervous (it is a big, expensive site). How likely is it that something will go catastrophically wrong?

Which directories does WordPress attempt to create when updating core and installing plugins?

Which directories does WordPress 4 attempt to create when updating core and installing or upgrading plugins? The purpose of the question is to gain understanding of the update process and spread that knowledge.

wp_get_update_data() function running on every admin request

In one specific instance of a WordPress build the admin is incredibly slow, after checking the issue out with the Query Monitor plugin I notice that WordPress is running a handfull (~15) HTTP requests whenever you click around the admin panel. These requests are all fired from the wp_get_update_data() function, of which goes away to […]

Problem after updating plugins

So today i updated my plugins, everything went smoothly, but later i found out that my website is messed up. All the custom taxonomies are gone, then one of my plugin disappear somehow. I tried to reinstall the plugin, but i got this error Installing Plugin: WordPress SEO by Yoast 2.2.1 Downloading install package from […]

Brandoo WordPress Unable to Update to WordPress 4.2.2

I have two Brandoo WordPress sites on Azure. Today I recieved a security alert from Microsoft to update to 4.2.2. However, when I try to update WordPress gets stuck in an infinite loop between two screens. The first screen shows this: Database Update Required WordPress has been updated! Before we send you on your way, […]

Can't update/install plugins or WordPress

I just finished setting up WordPress on my apache webserver, but now I’m having this problem which is pretty much preventing me from doing anything with my site. Whenever I try to install or update a plugin I always get the following error: Username/Password incorrect Which I know cant be possible because Im providing the […]

Disable Database Update Required ? break my website

Im having an issue if i want to login to the dashboard, it needs a “Database Update Required” I’d like to disable it, because once it update the Database, if I go to any post of single-pages, it display all my post in loop . .. . If i recover my database before this update […]