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'Customize' button in admin bar for CSS

On the site I’m an admin for, we have a Customize button in the Admin bar (see very left): This allows us to easily edit CSS on the front end without editing any of our files. I specifically remember reading that this feature allows us to write CSS that won’t be overwritten by a […]

Are there hooks for WordPress updates?

Pretty much a newbie to WordPress here but was wondering if there are any hooks or anything that could be used to send a notification out if either a WordPress update fails or a plugin update fails? Preferably both if possible but definitely the main core of WordPress being updated. I noticed there are a […]

Why are the automatic updates to WordPress behind the version my site is on?

Been getting messages on a regular basis that my wordpress site has been automatically updated. The most recent one came in today and says it was updated automatically to WordPress 4.4.4. My website is currently on WordPress 4.5.3. I’ve double checked, this is a legit email and it came through the site on the right […]

Theme showing incorrect update

We have a totally custom theme that we have built in house, recently the WordPress updater has started saying the theme is out of date. When I investigated this supposed update it links me to a similarly named theme in the WordPress theme directory but one that is not developed by us. We normally update […]

Where to access the available plugin/WordPress updates?

I need to find out where/how I can access the plugin updates in a WordPress site Ideally I want to have these in a json format, with the entire list of plugin updates available. TIA

Apply a tag to every images 'Link Rel'

Building my first site. Running v3.1.1 with the Boldy theme from Site5. Boldy makes use of prettyPhoto Lightbox. If you refer to the instructions for setting up Boldy (bottom of page) For adding Lightbox behaviour to a link just add rel=”prettyPhoto” to the image Link Rel I have just imported about 100 blog posts from […]

How to update WordPress core or themes and still have my child theme hooks work

I made a child theme based on the WordPress twentytwelve theme (i.e., the WordPress ‘twentytwelve’ theme is its parent). Some of the modification were done very simply by overriding style, using my own css properties and selectors in the child theme’s style.css file (like different property values for the #page div, or whatever). Other modifications […]

Is there a way to hook into the update-core page for custom messages?

We have some sites where we note a few things that need to be checked or done either before or immediately after a core, theme or plugin upgrade. While I keep a list of these things, sometimes users themselves do the upgrade and mess everything up. I was hoping to be able to add a […]

How to batch update post content with custom post meta value

I have a custom meta box, using WPAlchemy, in which I am looking to get rid of. However, I would like to get all posts that have a specific custom meta value set, and insert it into the begininning of the post content, then delete the meta value. I have a feeling this post gets […]

How to create a plugin that notifies for updates?

At this point when I activate a plugin and an update is available it updates the plugin. I like to create a plugin myself that I want to use private, I have several WordPress blogs and if I made an update to the plugin I like those several WordPress blogs to state that there is […]