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How to check for completeness when upgrading fails and stuck in maintenance mode

Background: I was upgrading multiple plugins and when the upgrade (backend) screen comes up, it does take some time to load (I am guessing that WP is fetching the upgrade files). For some reason (server location amongst others) this screen can take a while to come up, but once the upgrading process starts, it usually […]

Upgrading to 4.1 fixed parse error

In the past few days I’ve had reports that users weren’t able to access my site. They were just getting a blank page. I checked the error_log and found this. [22-Nov-2014 22:07:41 UTC] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /mysite/wp-includes/post.php on line 235 I was running v4.0 and I force upgraded […]

Can a plugin be used to contain all custom functions to extend other plugins

I am very new to Plugin development and I have used my themes functions.php file to modify functionality as needed to date. As a result of conversation with a customer I was asked if it is possible to create a super plugin that could manage all of their customization to existing plugins and I wasn’t […]

Auto-Upgrade to 4.2.2 fails because theme functions.php is included instead of wp-includes/functions.php

I’m trying to upgrade WordPress to the latest 4.2.2. On the screen, I’m seeing: Downloading update from… Unpacking the update… Could not create directory. Installation Failed And in the php error log, I get PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_action() in /home/userhome/public_html/wp-content/themes/launchframe/functions.php on line 81, referer: What appears to be happening […]

Maximum execution time exceeded while upgrading network on multisite local install

Every time I try to hit “upgrade network” on my multisite install’s dashboard I end up getting the following error message: Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in D:\…\www\wordpress\wp-includes\class-http.php on line 1595 Any idea how to fix this problem?

Fastest way to update a theme

Currently the process is to open the themes tab, click details, delete the existing theme, click add theme, open the dialogue box, select the file, begin upload then test before activating – but I’m pretty sure this process can be faster. I’m using a Gulp build process to produce the theme folder and zip. The […]

Required PHP version: 5.3.3 – Version found: 5.2.17… How or where do upgrade to 5.33

HI I am getting this error message when trying to activate simple google cal…Required PHP version: 5.3.3 – Version found: 5.2.17… How or where do I go in wordpress to upgrade to PHP version 5.3.3? thanks, I am a rookie 🙂

wordpress upgrade from 4.2.1 to 4.7.3 500 error

For some reason, WordPress wont let me automatically upgrade, so i am going down the manual root. I have uploaded the contents of wp-admin and wp-includes, backing up the previous folders. When trying to navigate to the frontend, or even admin i just get a 500 error. I have disabled all plugins, and even reverted […]

WP Plugin with Upgrade option

I’m working on a WordPress Plugin and I’m looking for a way to include a free version and a premium version in one plugin. I do not want to check “if(isPremium){} else{}” every view lines of codes, instead I’d like to download some additional files and replace one or two old once as soon as […]

What happens to the mu-plugins folder when you upgrade to WordPress 3?

I am about to press the “upgrade” button in my WordPress MU 2.8 install. What is going to happen to the mu-plugins folder? And is there an equivalent way for me to automatically activate a plugin across all my sites?