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Plugin Upgrade Strategy

Reading register_activation_hook() told me that in wordpress 3.1, this will only work for every plugin activation, not plugin upgrade. What I want to know is, what’s the best plugin upgrade strategy? My though is: on action ‘admin_init’ check for ‘{plugin_name}_version’ option if ‘{plugin_name}_version’ doesn’t exist, let’s assume it’s from previous version (because at that version, […]

Empty space instead of admin bar

So I upgraded to 3.1 now I have a white band above the header of my website in the frontend when I’m logged in, I know this should be the control menu, but just a white band 🙁

Destination directory for file streaming does not exist or is not writable

I am trying to upgrade my version of WordPress but I get this error: Destination directory for file streaming does not exist or is not writable.

Is there a way to run upgrade.php for one blog?

I just ran the auto update to verion 3.9 today, but am having problems with the “Network Update”. I seem to have a firewall or network problem with this error : Your server may not be able to connect to sites running on it. Error message: couldn’t connect to host Anyways, is there a way […]

Interrupted Upgrade to 4.5.1

I clicked the link from the dashboard to upgrade as I usually do, but instead of getting the usual download/install etc. messages, there was a delay and then this message: The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading. Now it (the WP site) thinks it is on the current version, but […]

How to stop – Database Update Required – from happening again?

So I have had the issue several times now where whenever I update WordPress it gives me the “DataBase update required” and then will not login in to the site. This happens every time I upgrade to the newest version of WordPress. My fix for this issue is to set the db_upgraded field in wp_option […]

Can I rename a theme's folder and still receive updates?

I’m using a theme that I’ve pulled from WordPress’ repo (example: Twenty Sixteen), the default URL structure looks like so:… I want to hide any reference that this WordPress theme is coming from Twenty Sixteen and customize the directory to something else:… While I can FTP to my website and rename the folder […]

Best Way to Upgrade from WP 2.8 (!)?

I offered a friend to help translate from English some parts of his (mostly) Hebrew install. Then he told me two things: 1) That he’s running 2.8 (he was worried about updating because he didn’t want the design to break) and 2) That he has reason to suspect that the site is infected with a […]

WordPress errors with PhP Upgrade

I offered to host my cousin’s actor profile website on my web hosting account. He had someone create a wordpress site and store it on my account. It was working fine on PhP 5.2, however my host provider has phased it out. Now that i’m forced to use either PhP 5.3 or PhP 5.4, I […]

How do I go about fixing this apparently messed up upgrade?

I’m a WordPress novice trying to help a friend (who is even more of a WordPress novice) with his WordPress blog hosted on GoDaddy. It was working fine until he apparently (he doesn’t fully remember) was prompted to upgrade the software. Now the blog still works for end-users (you can see it here) but whenever […]