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Getting ID from ajax response of async-upload.php

Its a wordpress+jQuery question. Can’t post it on stackoverflow because i believe it involves wordpress knowledge too. What I am trying to achieve: I am attaching the wordpress async media uploader on “add post” page metabox so user can upload lots of images simply drag and drop them into the uploader and don’t have to […]

Custom image sizes for custom field media uploads

Is it possible to resize my image uploads to different settings, depending on what custom field I’m on? I’m using wpalchemy, and have an image uploader for a heap of different custom fields. It would be great if I could detect which custom field I’m currently on, and have different dimension options. For example, if […]

media_handle_upload weird thing

I am using a front end script to upload images , all works fine but recently i noticed the uploaded images are not saved in proper directory. My settings are to Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders. my folders are 2011->03,04,05 (march , April , may). The problem is that if i upload […]

MP3 Manager for WordPress

Looking for the following functionality, there does not seem to be a single way to do this, at least not that I was able to find. I would gladly pay for a plugin that did all of this to save me the time of writing one. This is for a bands’ site, so keep that […]

How to protect media directory with .htaccess?

I am trying to protect the uploads directory with .htacess. But when I browse media section in admin panel, I see user/pass popup. My guess is, WordPress use fopen to find if the file exists. I found mod_rewrite rule allowing fopen but I can’t figure out how to use those rules with basic HTTP authentication. […]

What's the best “insert all images” plugin?

I’ve tried several plugins that supposedly allow you to “insert all images” after using the flash based uploader to upload multiple images. However, I still haven’t found one that ties in well with the latest version of wordpress in a non-hacky way. Which plugins the most for inserting multiple images? image

Getting Details Of Uploaded Image

I’m using WordPress’ upload system (as explained here) on my plugin’s admin page. I can upload an image and get this image’s URL. But i need attachment ID, image caption etc. How can i reach them? I have an <form> . It has 3 <input>s . <input type=”text” value=”” /> //This input will be filled, […]

Is there a limit on the number of attachments?

It seems there’s a limit on the number of attachments of a post? I have 265 images uploaded for one of the posts (yes, I know it’s quite a few), and when I want to put them into order. The result: only 125 of them gets number, the others a left without one and also […]

wp_handle_upload error “Specified file failed upload test” but still creates attachment?

Having a bit of trouble with an image upload custom meta box. What happens is the uploaded image is created as an attachment but the wp_handle_upload seems to kick back the error “Specified file failed upload test” rather than updating my post meta? Seem odd though that the attachment is created without issues? Heres the […]

Bug when uploading pictures with international characters?

Why when I upload a picture with its name with international characters, like: ábc.jpg to WordPress, the File name appears as: bc.jpg? Instead, its Title and URL are correct. Please, see this screen capture: Is this a bug? P/S: Please, PAY ATENTION that this behavior only occurs with images that the international character is […]