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How to send email in wordpress with more than one attachments

In my plugin, there is a contact us form through which users can upload multiple files and it will be uploaded into wp-contents/uploads/2014/10 folder. Uploading is working, but now I need to send email to admin with this uploaded files and entered user data. I don’t know how to send mail with attachments. The code […]

Images give 404 after changing default domain

Never encountered this issue before. So I’ve just moved a site for a client to another server and for some reason all images give me a 404 when I change the default domain in the database (siteurl and home). CSS, JS and other files are linked correctly – it seems there’s something affecting the uploads […]

zip unzip attachments in wordpress

my client using easy digital download plugin for sell their photos. They upload a zip file that contain many photos and sell this zip file. My need is to extract this zip file and display the images in it in a page.So i need to get all the images from this zip . I need […]

Validate Uploaded Image using WordPress' Built-in Functions?

I have a form that allows users to upload an image. I’m using the code below (which currently doesn’t work) to ensure what a user uploads is valid. Can someone help me out and either update my code or point me in the right direction as to how I can use as many of the […]

media sideload image not working with JPG file

media_sideload_image function not working for image url with JPG extension, its working fine for jpg ( and png ( but not with JPG ( following is the error returned [errors:WP_Error:private] => Array ( [http_404] => Array ( [0] => Not Found ) ) [error_data:WP_Error:private] => Array ( )

How to fix the orientation of images when uploading via the WordPress Media Uploader?

I’ve been using the Image Rotation Repair plugin to fix the orientation of images when uploading using the Media Uploader (some images taken on my camera phone are not rotated on upload, resulting in them displaying upside-down etc). Although it worked pre WP 4.0 (possibly pre WP 3.9), uploading now fails and I get the […]

Insert Image automatically when upload finishes wordpress media uploader

What I am trying to do is – 1) User clicks “Add Media” 2) Select an image 3) Image uploads finishes 4) Now it should insert into post automatically without pressing “Insert into post”. Anywhere to hook, and click the “Insert into post” using jquery. Any clues ?

Error when upload images larger than 1024px

I’m stuck on a problem with uploading files. When I try to upload an image with 1024px or more, WordPress displays an error: Error sending. Try later. After reloading the media page, the thumb of the file appears, but without showing the image. Testing the url of the file, I found that it is uploaded […]

“page not found” due to hat character (“^”) in a upload file name

I have several uploaded files whose links I have later discovered yield a “page not found” message error, because their name contain the hat character (“^”). Have I to delete and re-upload them after changing their name or is there an option that makes WordPress to correctly manage their original name?

wp_editor in front end not working

This has been asked earlier here, but the answers did not help me. I followed the WP Codex but I still don’t see the TinyMCE icons. While I don’t care for the icons, I would like the users to have the media upload functionality. The Add Media button is visible but does nothing when clicked. […]