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Can I add an icon & function to the “Upload/Insert” toolbar at the top of the content editor?

Is there a built-in filter to add a custom icon and function to the WordPress “Uploads/Insert” toolbar? This is the toolbar that’s located just above the content editor. The existing icon I want to replicate is shown in the blue circle of the image below. I’d like to add a custom icon that loads the […]

Upload media file problem

I have a strange upload problem similar to: wordpress upload http error? I have an 8MB upload limit and no control of the php.ini. My client can upload small media files (images and PDFs) successfully in WordPress, but can’t upload files larger than about 1MB. She has tried both the flash and browser upload methods, […]

How can I stop WP media uploader from creating duplicates of my uploaded images?

I have a setting in my theme that seeks to prevent the WP media manager upload utility from creating multiple copies of each image I upload. Apparently the latest versions of WP have changed the required settings to defeat this? Here’s the current settings I have in my theme’s functions.php… if(get_option(‘thumbnail_size_h’)!==0){update_option(‘thumbnail_size_h’, 0);} if(get_option(‘thumbnail_size_w’)!==0){update_option(‘thumbnail_size_w’, 0);} if(get_option(‘medium_size_h’)!==0){update_option(‘medium_size_h’, […]

File names are being overridden when uploading new media

I want to hook into the media upload function and prefix file names with a timestamp. We’re uploading a lot of stuff within a month, so we can’t rely on the directory structure, and we’re also dealing with a bunch of teenagers, so I’m looking for a step around the user. Anyone have a solution?

Image resizing – TimThumb vs convert on upload?

I’m using jQuery Supersized to display a full screen background slideshow on my blog, and I’m using mobile detection to serve a smaller version of the images to mobile devices so it will load faster. Which option do you think would be better? Use TimThumb to dynamically resize the image size and jpeg quality On […]

Large image upload size (using timthumb.php

I seem to be having this issue with all of the images on my site. First I optimise a .jpg in Photoshop to approx 100k (it’s a large header image), then I upload through WordPress’ media uploader as a Featured Image. Here’s the code I use to output the image in my template file: <?php […]

How can I manage and limit disk usage for each author?

I want display and limit disk usage for each author and be able to manage disk usage as an administrator. Example: author1: disk space is 20Mb; if they uploaded more 20Mb the upload button (in media library and post) is disabled. author2: disk space is 30Mb, if they upload more 30Mb the upload button (in […]

Can I get an email notification when media is uploaded to the media library?

I have a front end uploader for members only, utilizing this code: <?php function insert_attachment_form($postID) { ?> <form id=”file-form” name=”file-form” method=”POST” action=”” enctype=”multipart/form-data” > <input type=”file” id=”async-upload” name=”async-upload” /> <input type=”hidden” name=”postID” value=”<?php echo $postID; ?>” /> <?php wp_nonce_field(‘client-file-upload’, ‘client-file-upload’); ?> <input type=”submit” value=”Upload” id=”submit” name=”submit” /> </form> <?php } function process_attachment() { // verify […]

File Upload from Frontend

I am working on a blog where user can submit his/her story from the UI. What I would like to happen is if a user submit his/her story it should be visible in the dashboard and i can get the attached document from the dashboard. All i can think about getting only a notification and […]

Using Add from Server to upload by post ID

I am using Add From Server plugin basically it imports/upload image from the server. Currently the plugin copies the images into month/year folder format but I want to change it by making it copy by the Post ID folder format instead of month/year. I have already tried using the Custom Upload Dir plugin but […]