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No Thumbnails Generated

I setup WordPress on my own server and it’s up and running…one thing that I have noticed is that WordPress doesn’t generate any images I upload. Usually when I upload an image through WordPress it will generate a thumbnail, medium, and large sized image. WordPress installed without error and everything else is working fine. I […]

Using WordPress 3.5 Media Uploader in meta box?

Is this possible to do? I love how the new uploader works. I’m guessing it has to do with a jQuery call like the other way did. EDIT This is the code I am currently using jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(‘.custom_upload_image_button’).click(function() { imageField = $(this).prev(‘input’); tb_show(”, ‘media-upload.php?type=image&TB_iframe=true’); }); window.send_to_editor = function(html) { imgurl = $(html).attr(‘href’); $(imageField).val(imgurl); tb_remove(); […]

Image Upload from URL

I really like the way SE uploads an image from a URL (I’m sure many do!). I’ve been searching, but can’t find, is there a plugin or a method similar to this available for WordPress? I know an image can be uploaded and crunched directly from a URL by entering the image URL into the […]

How to upload files straight to S3 without using local storage?

I’m looking for a WordPress plugin that would allow me to upload files straight to We are a development shop that actively co-creates CMS websites with clients. This means that we are often iterating sites that clients are using and uploading files to. In our projects, we store the database and code in a git […]

How Can I Add the “Insert From URL” Tab to a Custom 3.5 Media Uploader?

I’ve inserted a WP 3.5 media uploader into a widget by running this JavaScript when a button is clicked on: var frame = { title : ‘Widget Uploader’, multiple : false, library : { type : ‘image’ }, button : { text : ‘Select Image’ } } ); frame.on( ‘close’, function() { var attachments […]

How does WP media uploader create the 3 different sized images, and how can I duplicate it

I have finally!! got this thing I’ve tried about 12 times to make and 12 different ways, but finally got it to work,… sort of. I made a custom metabox for uploading and attaching images to posts, and it doesn’t require you to use the horrible thickbox media uploader built into WP. I hate that […]

Plupload Intergration in a meta-box?

I know that plupload is going to be the new upload engine for WordPress 3.3 but I was wondering if there is any documentation yet on how it integrates with WordPress. My specifically how to collect a response from the plUpload jQuery object once it has uploaded the media that you want and how one […]

How to Protect Uploads, if User is not Logged In?

I use wordpress for a private site where users upload files. I use the “Private WordPress” to prevent access in to the site if the user is not logged in. I would like to do the same to the files uploaded in the uploads folder. So if a user its not logged in they wont […]

Add a Meta Box for uploading a SECOND Featured Image?

I’d like to add a meta box to my posts and page editor that will allow me to upload an image and use it as sort of a SECOND featured image. The idea is that my client will be able to upload an image to this meta box to customize the page/posts header image. Here […]

Physical organization of wordpress media library (Real Media Library plugin)

Introduction. In the above screenshot you can see a folder structure built with premium plugin Real Media Library. Now I want to create an extension plugin which can organize the folder structure into physical folder structure – RML is only visual structure. Update #2 (2017-01-27): Check out the answer! Have a look at Physical organization […]