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How to resize attachement

I m having trouble in resizing media images. I tried add_image_size function to resize my original image like below. add_image_size( ‘my_thumb’, 145, 100); it creates thumb images with height 100 but it changes width for every image. like some image 66×100,140X100 .How to make sure the width 145 Sorry could n’t share links and screenshot […]

Creating a podcast directory site – how to allow user to upload “large” files?

I wish to create a podcast directory site. For which, I’d like the users of my site to be able to upload audio files which are “large” (e.g: more then 2 or 8 MB), and to make that upload “easily” go to the correct field in a relevant plugin (such as “podcasting“) Any suggestions will […]

Upload attachment from external site

For example, we have some image on the external site: How do I upload this image to my wordpress as an image attachment by php? Image should be copied to my uploads folder, post added, meta generated.

Images don't update after being edited

I have many pictures on my site and after posting for a while, I realized that I should have watermarked them. So I did just that, I downloaded all the images and watermarked them. I uploaded a few of them back up to the site using FTP and replacing the images in the wp-content folder […]

Is there a function to list all uploaded images? How can I add one?

Is there a PHP function that will return an array of all of my uploaded images? Or, failing that, how bout just my uploaded files? The end goal is to display a slideshow on my homepage: have it rotate through each image, one at a time. Almost like an animated gif, in an infinite loop/cycle.

Create a User Role with permissions to only upload files to the media library?

Some of the employees at my organization need to be able to upload files to a folder and share a link with others. It’s primarily documents like pictures, pdf’s and Word documents. And instead of creating a completely new File Management System, I was thinking about just using the built-in WordPress Media Library function for […]

How to use media upload on metabox post page without breaking TinyMCE?

I’m using the following code for upload in multiple mextaboxes in a post or page admin section. Works for metaboxes but breaks the TinyMCE insert image. I want to know please how I can achieve this without breaking the TinyMCE. Off course the issue comes when I overwrite the windows.send_to_editor function. jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(‘.st_upload_button’).click(function() { […]

Measure and limit file uploads

I want to deliver WordPress powered packages to some users and want them to have: a limitation on disk quota (/each user) A way to measure/show how many MBs they are currently using Any solution would be appreciated

uploaded images not going to /uploads folder

having a huge problem with a site. i updated the theme to use post thumbnails (that’s how old it is) and then when trying to upload an image to use as featured thumbnail: the images process/crunch but then the URLs result in 404s. there isn’t anything abnormal in the site’s .htaccess. there actually wasn’t a […]

Front-end image upload from TinyME

I’m trying to edit the Q&A Plugin (which for those of you that don’t know it is a StackExchange-style plugin with Custom Post Types of Questions and Answers) to incorporate image uploads. It seems to use the built-in TinyMCE editor that came bundled with recent versions of WP. This comes with the “Media Library” buttons. […]