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Add SWF file to wordpress through custom template

I am trying to attach an swf file to my website. I have that swf file in my local system. But wordpress is not alowing me to upload the swf file into the media library. I want to add that swf to my homepage which have a specific custom template. I want to add the […]

Stop image resizing in particular case – is that possible?

As for an ad management plugin, I’m using WordPress’ default media uploader. And WP Media Uploader automatically resizes images. But as the ad image is already resized (i.e.: 225 x 100px) it need not to resize into a new file for thumbnail (100 x 100px); because, that thumbnail is unnecessary for the site. The cause […]

Hiding media uploaded by other users in wordpress multisite?

I am using WordPress Multisite and want to hide media which others have uploaded. Like if X User of that site has uploaded any media in the site, Y User should not be able to see or access this from their login.

Front end file upload returning wrong attachment url

So I’m making a simple file uploader with wordpress where users don’t need to go into wp-admin to add a file. I have it working great, it uploads the file to the correct folder..etc but the only problem I’m running into is its returning the wrong file url. For example when uploading a file it […]

Back up uploads folder outside of wp-content?

I’ve changed the default uploads location to mysite/media instead of wp-content/uploads because the url looks better. That said, backup programs like WP Clone seem only to backup media when it’s in wp-content/uploads. Is it possible to backup the uploads folder wherever it may be within the installation?

Issue when uploading past 8MB?

So I downloaded a plugin that sets your max_file_upload to 250 MB and I set my php.ini to the same. I own server so it is not a server issue – I have many apps that upload very large video files. When I am trying to upload a file, no matter how large (up to […]

wordpress upload permission on nginx & ubuntu

I have a problem with wordpress upload folder permission on nginx/ubuntu VPS. keep getting the error: “asr.jpg” has failed to upload due to an error Unable to create directory uploads/2014/02. Is its parent directory writable by the server? here are my uploads folder settings: drwxrwxr-x 8 www-data www-data 4096 Feb 6 14:41 uploads I also […]

Can I use the same Folder name as a Multisite Blog?

I have a WordPress Network site 3.8+ where one of my sites is On the root of, I am wanting to create a folder named “media” to store all uploads. Currently I have this folder as set up as above “media” with the site and nothing significant has happened. However it might […]

Incorrect filenames in load-scripts.php parameters

I’m attempting to load the media upload js file in a widget. The code works on my development machine and on the staging site but not on the live server. The error I get is that is undefined. I enqueue the scripts & styles I need with: public function enqueue_admin_scripts($hook) { if( $hook != […]

Using subdomain to upload media/images etc on 2 different blogs

Is possible to use a subdomain, for example: pointed to /var/www/mediauploads, for two different domains? Since I have and blogs, would be nice to upload files directly in one folder instead of duplicating the images when I write new articles in english and italian. Hope someone can help! Thanks