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uploaded images not going to /uploads folder

having a huge problem with a site. i updated the theme to use post thumbnails (that’s how old it is) and then when trying to upload an image to use as featured thumbnail: the images process/crunch but then the URLs result in 404s. there isn’t anything abnormal in the site’s .htaccess. there actually wasn’t a […]

Front-end image upload from TinyME

I’m trying to edit the Q&A Plugin (which for those of you that don’t know it is a StackExchange-style plugin with Custom Post Types of Questions and Answers) to incorporate image uploads. It seems to use the built-in TinyMCE editor that came bundled with recent versions of WP. This comes with the “Media Library” buttons. […]

How wordpress handle upload images and how to use them in the code

When I upload images via the standard media uploader I notice that it upload the original images with the same name but creates other cropped copies of the original one and rename them with originalname-150×150 or -340-120 and so on. I double checked the Media tab in the admin panel, but there are only dimensions […]

Setting image upload absolute path?

In anticipation of a major upgrade, I moved the webroot from site_v1 to site_v2. The public url for the WP 3.3.1 install is still (no change). I did a tar copy from the /site_v1 dir to the new /site_v2 dir. The WP installation is working well from its new Linux path of /site_v2 instead […]

Create a custom post type for a photo post

I am looking for a way to create a Photo Post type. Basically a post that is a title and a single image. Where I am getting stuck is the actual attaching an image to a post. I would like to have an image upload field in a metabox. I followed this guide. I am […]

adding a button to the media uploader

I am writing a plugin for WordPress and am wondering how to add an extra button to the media uploader that says something like “add to album”. I can’t seem to find info on how other developers have managed to get this done. Thanks 🙂

White-list file types for media upload

I’d like to attach files that aren’t on the list of supported file types. In this case I’d like to upload files from the media manager that have the .RWP extension (which is used to package files in the Train Simulator 2012 game).

Adding URL of PDF from Thickbox in a Meta Box

I have created some meta boxes of pages on the theme i’m working on. The idea is to have a input field, then a button to upload files. The meta box is working properly. When I click on the button, it fires the thickbox. This is working fine too. Then I could upload a media […]

Using dashboard uploader instead of FTP

Recently, I change my host server. that causing a problem. When I want upload a new theme or plugin instead of using dashboard uploader want me to enter FTP host and username and password, What I can do to come back to the previous uploader?

Is it possible to import all files from a uploads DIR into WP media, retaining paths to the files

So i have a uploads DIR from a WP install. I want to migrate that to my new site, retaining all the old paths – so if something is in 2011/08 that path is kept and the file registered in the media section of WP admin