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taxonomy/category term in URL slug irrelevant for post?

so I’ve got a nice hierarchical system working involving custom post types and taxonomies. (see Custom post types, taxonomies, and permalinks for reference) So if I have a post with , it works, and I can access taxonomy pages in etc etc However, noticed a bug – I can put ANYTHING as part […]

TinyMCE Javascript URL Question{ file : url + ‘/shortcode_generator_popup.php’, I would like to move this file one folder above the current one that it’s in. I’m wondering how I can rewrite this so that is points to the folder above. I’ve tried: file : url + ‘../shortcode_generator_popup.php’ but of course it only turns into: /includes/js../shortcode_generator_popup.php Thanks for any […]

Changing custom post type URL issue

I have this function and it does just what I need, it replace words in URL perfectly, but links don’t work. All links are good and display on site well structured, as I wanted, but just don’t open posts. Is there any way that I can make it work? add_filter(‘post_type_link’, ‘replace_link’, 1, 3); function replace_link( […]

Using esc_url_raw with protocols properly

I’m trying to build up my own function to sanitize a URL before saving it to my WP database. However I cannot get esc_url_raw to trigger against unwanted protocols. The function below is letting all protocols through. function scientifik_sanitize_url($url){ $prots = array(‘http’, ‘https’); $item = $url; $sanitized = esc_url_raw( $item, $prots ); if ( is_wp_error( […]

Relative URLs within site

I want to link to a page inside a website so the url I want to link to is this: when I set a link like that: <a href=”about-us/team”>Our Team</a> It doesnt work. I get to the site: http://about-us/team Is there a solution to that? The reason why is because after the Website is […]

Blog post – single.php url

I have a simple blog page that just lists blog posts on a page called ‘news’ I have a single.php page to display the actual post when it is clicked on ‘news’ The single.php displays the post but the url is Is this normal or should it be How cam I get […]

How to add page under a custom post type?

I would like to add a page that uses a custom template (page-coffee-about.php), so it will appear under a custom post type called “coffee”. The URL of the custom page should be I already have a URL for that uses archive-coffee.php. I’ve searched and tried several different things (creating a coffee parent page, […]

How do you get all the urls of images attached to a post?

I’ve searched high and low and can’t seem to get it. I’m trying to output an XML feed with all the images attached to a post from a custom post type: </BasicDetails> <Pictures> <Picture> <PictureUrl><?php echo wp_get_attachment_url( get_post_thumbnail_id($post->ID)); ?></PictureUrl> <Caption></Caption> </Picture><Picture> <PictureUrl></PictureUrl> <Caption></Caption> </Picture> </Pictures> I’m using wp_get_attachment_url but it’s only returning one image (There’s […]

Redirect Image Url to a page via htaccess

I am trying to redirect Image Urls to a page. I have used 301 Redirection plugin, but that doesn’t seem to work. For ex : should redirect to I have used ‘Link to’ to ‘Media File’ in individual image settings since I am using Social gallery plugin and it needs images to be […]

How to pass a PHP $_GET variable and fetch/output it?

I’ve already looked at the WordPress Codex, and looked around for other solutions online, but i still can’t seem to get it working. Basicly what i need is to pass a GET variable in an URL, and output it on the next page. Link I’ve aleady tried fetching the GET variable like below: $foo […]