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Managing Users and Creating Groups

We’re going to be transitioning from a small, outdated CMS that’s no longer supported, to WordPress for our new CMS. Our old CMS allows us to restrict access on the back-end so that by default User A couldn’t edit content created by User B. Our old CMS also allows us to create teams/groups, so that […]

Unique password to access a section site

I am working on a wordpress site. I am selling a digital course on it. Users interested in the course will pay locally via bank and send me payment details. So after I confirm their payment I will like to add their email and phone number to database. I don’t know about also generate a […]

Redirect admin 403 “Cheatin uh?” admin pages

Blocking role capabilities on the admin returns the 403 “Cheatin Uh?” page. What is the best way to redirect this to 403 page to perhaps the dashboard, homepage, or a custom 403 page? I know I could probably achieve this using .htaccess, but I’d prefer to stick with php / wordpress related functions. For example […]

How do I get the access type in WordPress?

How do I get the access type (from desktop or mobile) in WordPress? Here is a possible solution posted here. function yundanran_get_access_type() { $is_wap=false; $user_agent = $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’]; $mobile_agents = Array ( “240×320″,”acer”,”acoon”,”acs-“,”abacho”,”ahong”,”airness”, “alcatel”,”amoi”,”android”,””,”applewebkit/525″, “applewebkit/532″,”asus”,”audio”,”au-mic”,”avantogo”, “becker”,”benq”,”bilbo”,”bird”,”blackberry”,”blazer”,”bleu”, “cdm-“,”compal”,”coolpad”,”danger”,”dbtel”,”dopod”,”elaine”, “eric”,”etouch”,”fly “,”fly_”,”fly-“,”go.web”,”goodaccess”, “gradiente”,”grundig”,”haier”,”hedy”,”hitachi”,”htc”, “huawei”,”hutchison”,”inno”,”ipad”,”ipaq”,”ipod”,”jbrowser”, “kddi”,”kgt”,”kwc”,”lenovo”,”lg “,”lg2″,”lg3″,”lg4″,”lg5”, “lg7″,”lg8″,”lg9”,”lg-“,”lge-“,”lge9″,”longcos”,”maemo”, “mercator”,”meridian”,”micromax”,”midp”,”mini”,”mitsu”, “mmm”,”mmp”,”mobi”,”mot-“,”moto”,”nec-“,”netfront”,”newgen”, “nexian”,”nf-browser”,”nintendo”,”nitro”,”nokia”,”nook”, “novarra”,”obigo”,”palm”,”panasonic”,”pantech”,”philips”, “phone”,”pg-“,”playstation”,”pocket”,”pt-“,”qc-“,”qtek”, “rover”,”sagem”,”sama”,”samu”,”sanyo”,”samsung”,”sch-“, “scooter”,”sec-“,”sendo”,”sgh-“,”sharp”,”siemens”,”sie-“, “softbank”,”sony”,”spice”,”sprint”,”spv”,”symbian”,”tablet”, “talkabout”,”tcl-“,”teleca”,”telit”,”tianyu”,”tim-“,”toshiba”, “tsm”,”up.browser”,”utec”,”utstar”,”verykool”,”virgin”,”vk-“, “voda”,”voxtel”,”vx”,”wap”,”wellco”,”wig browser”,”wii”, […]

How to handle this specific case of custom post type?

I’m working on a WP plugin called WP SoundSystem. It’s a plugin designed to run on a “music” website : it handles artists, tracks, albums, playlists… through custom post types and tools. You can see it running on Spiff Radio. When I publish a new playlist, my function checks every track row from the tracklist […]

Delete a user from frontend

I’m developing a user management table, in which an user (I’ve already set restriction for for some specific roles) can create/edit or delete a user. How can I delete a user by clicking on delete link or button, I have stored the id in a variable.

Hide Admin Menu for Specific User ID who has administrator Role

I am trying to hide almost every single admin menu from wordpress dashboard for a specific user id who has administrator role. I want to give that user only option to edit a certain custom post type named lessons and other custom post type Events. I am using LMS wordpress theme from themeforest by designthemes. […]

Timed content and flagging content as viewed by user?

I’m trying to put together a site with membership functionality and i’m having most of what i need together. However, what’s still missing in the mix are two things: I need to be able to display content starting from a certain date and stop displaying it starting from a certain date (or give it an […]

Creating a podcast directory site – how to allow user to upload “large” files?

I wish to create a podcast directory site. For which, I’d like the users of my site to be able to upload audio files which are “large” (e.g: more then 2 or 8 MB), and to make that upload “easily” go to the correct field in a relevant plugin (such as “podcasting“) Any suggestions will […]

Building Forums with Custom Post Types

I’m trying to build some sort of a discussion boards by using custom post types and the built in comments. The structure is as following: An archive page to list all the pages of the Forum type, so each page is a “forum” Each “forum” has a title , a small description and then some […]