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Hide everything on site for visitors except specific page IDs

I have a client who wants to close down access to the entire site, every post, category page, archive etc (while keeping the content), except for three specific pages (Start, about us, contact). None of the membership plugins seem to address this, only logged in roles? I feel like this is the most simple thing […]

Redirecting or displaying a message on first login

I’ve been trying to decipher a way to display a message to a user on first login and can’t seem to get it to work. I’m not sure what I’m missing, or if there’s something else I need to do. Any help would be appreciated. I feel like I missing something here. function ap_new_user_message() { […]

How to set privilege to wordpress subscriber for private page

I am having private page.I want to show this page only when “subscriber” logged in.”Editor” should not access this page.How can i set the privilege.

How do I hide one menu item link for logged in and logged out users

Using bbPress and s2Member, I need to hide the registration link in the menu for logged in users and the members directory link for non logged in users.

Only show category to certain user levels without plugin

I’m building a site for some army guys to share photos, and one thing keeps stumping me. They have some photos that they’d like everyone who is signed up for the site to view, and others that just they can view. But they can’t be administrators. The only help I can find is on only […]

Add new media uploader at frontend for wp 3.5+

I create a form for user to submit content from the frontend. The only problem is I don’t know how to handler the image upload. So, I want to know how to use the WP media uploader in the frontend. The media uploader should be appeared like in the ‘wp-admin/media-new.php’. I don’t want the pop […]

Edit Post VS Custom Form

I have a blog which relies heavily on user generated content. I would like my users to be able to create posts, but the posts must only have specific fields: title content an attached image two metadata fields (latitude, longitude from Google Maps) tags (only pre-existing tags) Is it better to: a) give users access […]

How can I change plugin to give access to editor user role?

I want to give my editors access to a settings page to a plugin I’ve installed on their website. As of now, it’s only visible to Administrators. The plugin I’m using is uTubeVideo Gallery, and there is no option to give users other than administrators access. In his admin.php I found these lines, which I […]

How to get the ID of the currently logged in user?

I want to get the ID of the currently logged in user. I’ve found the function: get_current_user_id which seems to be working, however I’m not sure what ‘current’ means in this context. Meaning if the user views the profile of another user, then will the current user change to become the other user? In short […]

Temporarily disable user role login and replace with message

Is there a simple way to temporarily stop a user role logging in with wordpress? For example, if I have a user role called media, how can I block them from logging in? I would like a custom message to appear on the website, for example like ‘Site undergoing maintenance’ So it looks like this… […]