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How can I include active content in a custom post type?

Related to my How do I create a custom post type for a training CMS in WordPress? question, if I have a custom page type created for the presentation of training content, how could I include active content, such as a multiple choice test in some of these training pages? would very much prefer that […]

Custom database table question

So I have a question regarding creating a new database table for my plugin, the Easing Slider, which is getting a major overhaul. Up until now, I’ve relied on update_option, get_option, and those various functions to save, edit and get plugin settings. It has worked well, but I’ve hit a slight snag. So the plugins […]

How to add swipe action to wordpress pages

I have a news website. I have the main front-page and also a couple of “sub” front pages (sport, social). The other sections works through category.php. I like to add a touch gesture functionality, like this one, but how can I do it? I mean, how can I load different pages, that are always […]

hide certain template files in apearance editor

Is there a way to hide certain template files from Appearance > Editor? Only want files that should be editable to display in the listing in the right hand column. This is in order to reduce clutter, not a permissions type of issue. Thanks!

Performance optimization of tree like structure

I have a category page as below: and when a category is clicked, using the following code $sql_categories = $wpdb->prepare (“SELECT * FROM “.$wpdb->prefix.”wtd_art_categories WHERE Parent = %d ORDER BY Id”, $_GET[‘c’]); $get_categories = $wpdb->get_results( $sql_categories ); it queries sub categories and then I display on the same page. (Example Shapes clicked): Since each time […]

Different UI in WordPress

I want to know if it’s possible in WordPress to have two types of UI. In Uber, we have the driver UI and the client UI. I want to know if a plugin exists or a theme. As the role may be the UI change.

How to change number of items on add new pluggins page from backend?

When adding new plugins, the list is too short, and I have to click on next, next , next… Is there a way to change the number of items to be displayed to something like 100 or 500?

Move terms from one taxonomy to another keeping the hierarchy

I am creating a custom taxonomy for the first time. I am trying to add a Location taxonomy. What I am actually trying to do is use existing categories to make them into locations. I went into the database table wp_term_taxonomy and manually changed the taxonomy column of the ones I wanted from category to […]

How can I show more than 15 themes at a time in the admin menu?

I have a lot of themes in my test wordpress site. I get a little frustrated that I can’t show more than 15 at a time. Picture.png In pages and posts you can click “screen options” to choose the number, but it looks like “Themes” has no such option. Picture-1.jpg Is there another […]

WordPress Admin Interface not styled properly

The laptop I was working on recently crashed. But, I managed to get everything on it backed up, including my recent WordPress project off of my local server (I use MAMP). I uploaded my SQL database and copied the WordPress website folder into my local server. The WordPress login interface looks normal, but after you […]