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How to change number of items on add new pluggins page from backend?

When adding new plugins, the list is too short, and I have to click on next, next , next… Is there a way to change the number of items to be displayed to something like 100 or 500?

Move terms from one taxonomy to another keeping the hierarchy

I am creating a custom taxonomy for the first time. I am trying to add a Location taxonomy. What I am actually trying to do is use existing categories to make them into locations. I went into the database table wp_term_taxonomy and manually changed the taxonomy column of the ones I wanted from category to […]

How can I show more than 15 themes at a time in the admin menu?

I have a lot of themes in my test wordpress site. I get a little frustrated that I can’t show more than 15 at a time. Picture.png In pages and posts you can click “screen options” to choose the number, but it looks like “Themes” has no such option. Picture-1.jpg Is there another […]

WordPress Admin Interface not styled properly

The laptop I was working on recently crashed. But, I managed to get everything on it backed up, including my recent WordPress project off of my local server (I use MAMP). I uploaded my SQL database and copied the WordPress website folder into my local server. The WordPress login interface looks normal, but after you […]

WP_Widget deprecated error in WordPress V4.3

This error only happened this morning as I updated my wordpress site to version 4.3. Two other sites on the same hosting ( and all using CPanel as an admin portal for the hosting) are not having any problem. On this one problematic site though on the wordpress admin portal and the live site […]

Use tag interface for hierarchical taxonomy?

Custom taxonomies are great. I registered a bunch of new taxonomies and wrote an importer to import our hierarchical taxonomy into WordPress a la XML. The problem is one taxonomy has about 1,100 terms and browsing a checklist of 1,100 things is cruel and unusual punishment. Is there any way to have a hierarchical taxonomy […]

How can I add a fifth option to the alignment picker?

I’d like to have the following options in the image alignment picker: Left Right Center Full None Obviously four of those are there by default, but the “full” one doesn’t currently exist. The idea is to allow the user to easily insert full-bleed images like in this article. Is it possible to modify the alignment […]

Create a custom admin page for custom post type + taxonomies + metas

I’m writing a plugin that realies on custom post types, new taxonomy and few custom fields. All this data will be private (not queryable or searchable). I’d like to provide an admin page to the user, to add and edit this data in a more suer-friendly way. For instance, the custom post type will have […]

Theme Options Panels, What are some good examples from Frameworks or Premium Themes?

I really like Does anyone know any other good implementations of an options panel from a Framework or from another premium Theme? I think its a major factor in deciding whether to use a theme. I’d like to get a good list of whats being done out there. WordPress StackExchange Community, what are your […]

How to set back-end language per user?

I would like to use the english interface for the back-end but I would like to set it to native language for an editor. I know WPML has this feature, but I don’t want to install the unsupported WPML just for this reason. What I am looking is a tiny plugin which gives a switchbox […]