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How to find the Registration page

I am managing the WordPress website i don’t have the document of the website my problem is the website has the registration page please see [this link] but when i check the registration page in WordPress admin the page is blank i don’t have any idea how the previous developer linked the page can anyone […]

Unique password to access a section site

I am working on a wordpress site. I am selling a digital course on it. Users interested in the course will pay locally via bank and send me payment details. So after I confirm their payment I will like to add their email and phone number to database. I don’t know about also generate a […]

Custom User Registration script only allowing usernames with 16 characters

I’m noticing a weird issue on a custom User Registration page I’m using in WordPress. It seems as if WordPress will only accept usernames with 16 characters (NO MORE, NO LESS). The custom registration form asks for First Name, Last Name, Email Address and a Number. To prevent duplicate Usernames, the username is generated by […]

Custom registration fields not validating

Hi I have created two custom fields – both of them should be required, but when I fill out username and correct email, the error messages are skipped and user gets registered. If there is an error in username or email, it writes the messages correctly. Could anybody give me a helping hand? //1. Add […]

Woocommerce Register Error

Before posting this question i have tried solution posted here I need to redirect user at specific product page after registration. Login redirect shown in above site has worked for me. But register redirect is not working. I am using twentysixteen theme with woocommerce. Any help??? Below code worked like charm. Suggested by …. […]

Customising “user ids” and add to 'user' panel in the admin area

Building a membership site for a client and looking to create unique membership numbers for each member that signs up with a format of “MEMBER0000089” for example. Looking to see if anyone knows how to customise existing user ids? or create a custom id which could create a membership number? Once the number is created […]

Automatic Website user password generation

I have created a ticketing system on my website, so users can log in and request a call out. However wordpress is currently set so that any new users need an administrator to log in and generate them a password, and then email it out. Is there any way to set up a system where […]

Sending new registration meta values to admin by email

I’ve created a custom registration form which accepts extra fields like mobile number, address etc and stored into user meta values. This is working fine, now I have to add a functionality of sending email to admin with all the meta value details whenever a new user registers on the site.

How to fix that new users show up again in subsite of a Multisite?

When I add a new user in multisite, the user is successfully displayed in multisite super admin environment. But when I go to the subsite where I want to add this user, the new added user doesn’t show up. (In the database the new user exists.) Do you have an idea, why this happens? (Additional […]

Force users to register in order to view website

This question already has an answer here: How to redirect non-logged in users to a specific page? 4 answers