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How to add additional information to a user on user creation?

I’ve looked at many WP development forums but I couldn’t find any answer, unfortunately. If anybody can help me. Actually, I am not sure if that kind of problem can be solved with WordPress at all. My problem is the following. When creating a new user in WordPress admin, the admin is offered a screen […]

How to get user id which is done by buddypress

I have integrated buddypress in my wordpress theme. i need to get user id when buddypress completes user registration successfully like what we usually do wp_insert_user( $userdata ) which returns user id when user information is successfully how do i get user id? its urgent..pleas help. Thanks in advance.

frontend user with custom profile pages

i am building a website where the frontend users can register and they need to have custom profile pages – not the standard WordPress backend pages that the admin sees. There they can see their profile (image, name, email, …) and change it, as well as some site specific pages like: statistics, severals lists, … […]

How to loop through each user id?

The functions that I am aware of: WP_User and wp_get_current_user seem to only get the user object of the current user. As an administrator, if I want to display certain profile information in a table from each user, how can I loop through the ids? Can this be done with WP template tags or should […]

Registering without e-mail adress!

How I can make users register by name and password only without e-mail? I searched a lot but all what I found for old wordpress version Can anyone help me in this?

Front End Registration Form Code – Password Field Not Saving

I have a front end registration form which almost works perfect except that the passwords are not being set correctly. In my functions.php I have – /** * Registration form * */ add_action(‘template_redirect’, ‘register_a_user’); function register_a_user(){ if(isset($_GET[‘do’]) && $_GET[‘do’] == ‘register’): $errors = array(); if(empty($_POST[‘user’]) || empty($_POST[’email’])) $errors[] = ‘provide a user and email’; if(!empty($_POST[‘spam’])) […]

Function like is_registration_page to check if current page is registration page

You can use is_admin to check to see if the current web page is part of WordPress’ administrator interface. Is there a way to see if the page being processed is the registration page?

Save custom user meta on registration

I’m trying to create my own registration form and adding phone number as required field and I would love to save that phone number as custom user meta. After validation and santizing inputs, ets. my code looks like this: // this returns the correct value etc. – string(9) “126777889” var_dump($metas[‘user_phone’]) $user_id = wp_insert_user($fields); add_user_meta( $user_id, […]

How to allow more than one registered user to have the same email?

How can I allow a user to register on the site and ignore the error WP throws back if email is already registered – “This email is already registered, please choose another one.” I tried writing my own plugin but it isn’t working: if($errors[‘field’.$field->id] == ‘This email is already registered, please choose another one.’) unset($errors[‘field’.$field->id]); […]

How to get the password and username of the add new user form (admin back end) in wordpress

I am trying to get the username and password that entered by the wordpress admin in the add new user screen to use those into creating a webmail account using cpanel api. How to do that? is there is any hook for it? Also, When the user id changing his password, I want to get […]