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Managing Users and Creating Groups

We’re going to be transitioning from a small, outdated CMS that’s no longer supported, to WordPress for our new CMS. Our old CMS allows us to restrict access on the back-end so that by default User A couldn’t edit content created by User B. Our old CMS also allows us to create teams/groups, so that […]

Restrict access to a post once it is tagged as a given status

I am trying to make any post that has been tagged and saved with a certain status non-editable by editor users. I am using a custom plugin that extends the status’ to include subbing, however, at present I am just trying to get the functionality there so am using the publish status. Can anyone see […]

Let editors view post in admin but not be able to perform a save/edit

In a current project I need to be able to restrict access to posts by comparing the post’s language against the languages a user has access to. This, I’m certain I can achieve. However, even if a user should not be allowed to edit the post the user should be able to view the post […]

Why current_user_can('edit_comment') always true?

I am always getting TRUE for current_user_can(‘edit_comment’); on two different installations of WordPress (4.2.2 and 4.2.4) no matter what role the user is. Even when the user is logged out. I tested this on a clean WP install and got the same result. Why would this be?

How to change a user's role depending on date registered?

I imported 4000 users on 1st October 2015 as “subscribers” and now need to change all their roles to a custom role called “To Be Approved”. So what I need is to change the roles of these subscribers to my custom role of “To Be Approved” only if they registered on 1st October. I’m using […]

Show WordPress Plugin Menu(Admin) To Editor

I am an Admin of wordpress website and I have created one user with Editor role, I have installed one plugin Pretty Link( this plugin shows its menu on Admin page but not on Editors page. I want to display this menu option on Editor page also, so how to do this? I am using […]

Query for user roles

How do I query for a specific user role? if (is_user_logged_in() && user_role == “user”) {} The part I’m unsure about is user_role. Is there a way I can ask WordPress to check for a specific user role by name/string?

Let users edit their role from the frontend

Most site ask users to choose their role at registration (for example it can be “are you an athlete/student/worker/designer” and each of these would be a user role which would appear in a different directory) but I’d like to let them choose after registration. How can I do this ? Is their a way to […]

Limit role to one plugin

This question already has an answer here: How do I create a custom role capability? 2 answers

Mutliple users editing single document in wordspress

My team is working on wordpress for documentation purpose. No I want to create a document with multiple chapters and different team members should edit different chapters. One chapter opened by one team member should be locked for others. In short I want multiple users to work on a single document simultaneously. Is this possible […]