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Permalinks not working with Vagrant

I am using Vagrant to build up a little WordPress development VM. When I select permalinks (postname) then the page from an article doesn’t load. However, when I select the standard link (i.e page id) all is working good. I’ve used the service PuPHPet to build the VM. My settings can be found here I […]

Multisite setup on VVV with bedrock

I am trying to setup multisite on VVV using bedrock stack, but I’m having some issues. First I’ve added my multisite configuration in the vvv-custom.yml file as my-multisite: hosts: – – – – custom: wp_type: subdomain I added the /my-multisitefolder to the /www folder. Inside it, I added the /provision folder […]

Version control for both Vagrant config and themes being developed

I have set up a local WordPress development environment using Chassis (based on Vagrant), this needed a bit of tweaking to get it how I like, so I feel like I should have this under version control. There will be changes in future. I will be using this WordPress install for theme development, ideally I […]

Local install won't work without internet

I have a local install (using Vangrant and VVV) and it works absolutely fine with internet. But without internet, it hangs on “connecting” indefinitely. I think it’s trying to talk to and Is there a way to disable these connection attempts when there is no internet present?

WordPress development using Docker – how to share directories?

I normally use vagrant (VVV or bedrock flavours) for local WordPress development. But I want to learn how to use Docker. I’ve installed it with Boot2Docker, ran Docker and learned how to pull images or even start a Nginx WordPress container which successfully responded on my local host machine via http. The docs from Docker […]

WordPress Multisite with VVV

In the command line, I used vv create to make a new WordPress multisite, selecting “y” on the multisite option during setup. Once the process finished, the site was created, but was the network had not been setup. I went into the wp-config file, and added /* Multisite */ define( ‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true ); to get […]

Symlink a directory to wp-content/themes

Is it possible to symlink a directory from my project folder to my wp-content/themes folder which is in a Vagrant setup called chassis: ? I tried to symlink already using ln -s, but my wordpress installation did not recognize it as I did not see it in the Appearance > Themes admin panel. I’m […]

NGinx + WordPress Subdomain Multi with core in Subdirectory

I have a WordPress install that works perfectly on a Apache server. I am currently in the process of both changing my hosting company (the new one offer NGinx) and my development stack (moving to vvv). Here is how the install is set-up: It a WordPress sub-domain multi-site install, with core in a sub-folder (/wp-app/), […]

Vagrant script to setup all the common PHP / WordPress version combinations

I am looking for a way to quickly and repeatedly set up testing / debugging environment for our plugin, most probably using Vagrant. Projects like VVV focus on a single-environment setup (or, a couple of environments like stable / trunk) while what I’m looking for is a script that would setup environments like: wp39-php52.local wp40-php52.local […]