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How to make my plugin able to be updated from admin panel?

Most of the WordPress Plugins are able to be updated from admin panel. You go to Admin Panel > Plugins > Installed Plugins > and if you have an outdated(old plugin) that has a new version, you can click Update to download the new plugin. How to add this to my plugin? Is this made […]

How do I implement a .diff changeset from locally?

I have a local copy of the latest version of wordpress that I set up using svn co There is a diff that I want to pull into my local fileset: Is this something that I can do with subversion? What commands do I need to use?

Plugin updates, version dependencies, and backwards compatibility

Let’s say I have a plugin that’s currently at version 1.1, and I am releasing version 1.2. When you run the 1.2 update, a script will run to add new options, columns, tables, etc. A month later, 1.3 is released. Do I still need to include the update scripts in version 1.2 so people can […]

Versioning and your WordPress site?

So what is the best process for setting up a large community site using WordPress with git version control? Multiple people submitting changes etc, testing area and easy way to update the live site. How would you do it?

What is the best way to setup wordpress development environment for freelancers with version control?

I am trying to setup wordpress development environment for freelancers. I have freelancers working on my site from different locations. Which tools and technologies will support development of my current website and how? I came across vagrant, will it be useful? Also, how can I do version control? I have decided to go with sub-domain […]

Using Subversion to deploy WordPress

I use Subversion with my websites. Up until now, this has meant creating a new repo for each of my sites. However, this is wholly inefficient as it means me lugging around the whole WordPress source for each of the sites. It also has meant that I have to copy plugins between repos and thus […]

storing database in version control

I am using a version control system to manage my wordpress code (git). What is the betst way to store the database information into version control? I want to go to my staging machine, run git pull to get the latest code from my development machine, then maybe click one button or something like that […]

Setting up SVN for teamwork on WordPress custom theme development

Amongst technical devs, it’s pretty straightforward to get everyone running their own local dev server, get TortoiseSVN running, and then commit changes periodically to the repository. We can then update the version of the test site on the shared server from this repo and everyone is happy. Except the designers who are just scratching their […]

Is it better to create a Git repository at the root level or in the WordPress theme directory?

I’ve currently been creating my Git repositories at the root level for each of my WordPress installations. Git of course then notices any core updates, plugins, and uploads. I’m considering just tracking the theme I’m working on or perhaps the entire themes directory. I’d like to hear from other WordPress developers as to what are […]

How do you manage your theme versions when privately distributing?

I’m working on a theme that I don’t want to be public or available via the default WordPress directory, as it’s going to be a framework that we use to develop a variety of websites we host. Now, I wanted to know what methods you use for ensuring all your themes are up to date […]