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WordPress Workflow – version control, deployment = database issue

I’m trying to work version control into developing a WordPress site, but I’m unable to solve the issue of DB synchronization. For simplicity’s sake, I will describe a scenario with just Live and Staging websites and repos: Pull down Live DB to Staging DB Do the same for code Install WP plugin on Staging. Tweak, […]

Can plugin2 uninstall plugin1 at the very beginning of plugin2's installation?

As per the title. I have a new version of a plugin. It installs fine on a clean WordPress. When a user tries to install it when they have a previous version installed, the plugin does not function. It does not matter if the previous version was active or not. Ideally, I would like to […]

Does WordPress check for updates of a plugin via plugins root folder name?

I just completed writing a plugin from another plugin. When I changed the developer name, version and other details from the plugin file, I thought the version tracing would now be done using the new name of the plugin but it actually linked the update to the older plugin until I changed the root folder […]

TwentyTwelve child theme style.css?ver=3.8.1

I’ve created a child theme of TwentyTwelve. On the front end, the <head> section contains the line: Any changes I make to childtheme/style.css are not reflected in I’ve performed a search in TwentyTwelve and childtheme, and can’t find any instance of enqueue_style which contains a version of 3.8.1, or any hard coding of […]

How to revert back to older WordPress version?

After updating to WordPress 4, everything went haywire. I dont have any FTP credentials to download the wordpress files from the server. All I have with me is the login credentials to the WordPress Admin Panel. I updated my wordpress version to 4 when a notification appeared in the website. I want to revert it […]

Questions about Git and WordPress

This question already has an answer here: WordPress and Git Workflow 6 answers

How to rename the wp-config.php file once under version control?

git clone git:// develop After cloning the core development repository with Git, considering the files and folders are under version control, how can the config files be renamed to wp-config.php and wp-tests-config.php? .git src/ tests/ tools/ … wp-config-sample.php wp-tests-config-sample.php I’m aware I can do git mv wp-config-sample.php wp-config.php but now my working copy is different […]

How to change version numbers in themes from Official repository?

I’m developing my own theme, anotherDuenaTheme, based on the Duena theme. How can I change version numbers of anotherDuenaTheme and use the information for auto-updates after an hypothetical update of anotherDuenaTheme? I want to use the theme in 10 websites and add new capabilities in each version. Now I’m using WP Updates’ system, which is […]

Setting up Version Control for WordPress plugin development

Does anyone have suggestions for setting up version control for developing WordPress plugins? I’m working in a development environment, and I’m trying to avoid having to repo the entire WordPress instance. My ideal solution, is to create a repository for one individual directory that contains my plugin. What are others using to manage their plugin […]

Painless way to track remote Git repo for WordPress updates

I’m looking for a way to keep development instances of WordPress up to date and under version control with Git. Has anyone managed to the following? set up git to track a repo containing the WordPress core files add the WordPress repo to a project via a submodule or similar get the latest version of […]