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Which are the MediaElement.js scripts to enqueue

I’m loading (paging) posts with ajax, so I want to be able to render videos using MediaElement.js on newly appended content. I already have my script working but is failing if no video posts are included on the initial page. I imagine that if I enqueue the appropriate scripts on the blog pages is_home(), is_archive(), […]

Soundcloud Smart Player

I have a lyrics website on WordPress with thousands of lyrics, and I am looking to embed a player on each one. But I have realised it would be tedious and time consuming to do that. How would I display a dynamic audio player that would find and play a track (using the current post […]

Preferred WordPress video format?

I’m developing a WordPress blog for a client who needs to embed their own video files. Flash video was our format of choice until recently, but is there a preferred format for WordPress? One that easily integrates?

Echo do shortcode with custom field not working

I’m using WP YouTube Lyte to show YouTube videos. I’m combining it with Advanced Custom Fields so that the user can just add the YouTube id to show the video. I’m using the WP YouTube Lyte short code but it is writing the code the wrong way round. Below is the code: <?php if( get_field(‘video_file’) […]

WordPress keeps autoplaying my Youtube-Links no matter what I write

WordPress (with the LayerSlider plugin) keeps autoplaying my video no matter what code I use. Here’s the embed-Link for the video: <iframe width=”840″ height=”473″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> And here’s how I changed it: <iframe width=”840″ height=”473″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> I tried both “?autoplay=0” and “autoplay=”0” after the link. Is there any specific way I have […]

Problem with JWplayer. Video is missing?

Firstly, I am new at using video with wordpress. I have installed the jwplayer plugin and using this bit of code to show the video player on the page. $video_array = explode(“\r\n”, stripslashes(extra_option(‘video_links’)) ); foreach($video_array as $vid){ if (!empty($vid)) echo jwplayer_tag_callback(“[jwplayer config=\”Homepage Player\” file=\”$vid\”]”); } Note: “Homepage Player” is a custom config i made form […]

Upload iPhone video clips to blog via native WP app

I’m using the WordPress iPhone app, and when I upload video clips to a blog they show up in some browsers and in others not. I’m using a HTML5 video markup as a container for the clips. While mpeg-4 doesn’t work in Firefox and Opera I would really expect the clips to work in Apple’s […]

Viddler oEmbed not working with specified width

I’m working on a widget that embeds videos using oEmbed and I’m testing it out using the default providers in WordPress. So far, they are all working fine, except Viddler. The video is displayed, but not with the width and height I specified. To get the oembeds to work properly in the widget, I’m using […]

How to change to local video player on shortcode ultimate to video.js?

I have Shortcodes Ultimate plugin, and I would like to change this plugin video player to Video.js player. That’s becouse, the original player is very afful, and instabil, and you can’t control volume, can’t replay the video,so this player very insufficient. I can’t use the original wordpress player,becouse the plugin use the same short code […]

Video shortcode – autoplay all videos

How can I autoplay all videos added by video shortcode? I can make only one of them autoplay if only one has autoplay attribute set to 1, and others to 0, otherwise all are stopped.