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Vimeo thumbnails

I use Advanced Custom Fields to show Vimeo videoes on a site I am creating for a client – The client pastes the vimeo ID (the last letters in the url) in a field, and the video is shown. But I would also like to show thumbnail of the video, I am using the following […]

Auto embeding Vimeo/Youtube in custom fields (tinyMCE editor)

I’m using 2 extra TinyMCE editors on my pages to add extra textfiels in my theme pages. I now realize that the auto-embed feature is not supported on content delivered thought custom fields. So i need to tell WordPress to enable this on these two extra custom fields. Here is an example of the back-end […]

Add parameters vimeo videos using wordpress embeds

I am using a custom field to embed any supported video on WordPress so for example the user enters a video address on the custom field box : and I implemented the following code on my theme : <?php $videourl = my_meta(‘video’); // get custom field value if($videourl!=”){ // if custom field exist ?> […]

Uploading video to vimeo using its API while bypassing php server limits

I have a code that uses vimeo upload API to submit video files to vimeo using a form in a WorpPress site. The process works fine as long as the video file size is below the file upload limit of the web server. Is there a way in the vimeo upload API to bypass any […]

Vimeo Froogaloop API, working in Fiddle but not WP

I’m trying to harness Vimeo’s Froogaloop API to pause video embeds whenever a user clicks a certain element. I have it working perfectly in my Fiddle but it wont work in my WordPress environment. I took some code from this thread to create a simplified version of the site I’m working on; HTML <div id=”player1″ […]

Vimeo video embeds doesnt seem to work with ACF

I was trying to embed a vimeo link into a site using ACF custom fields and I am not getting anything in the front end but just a blank space as shown below. I tried multiple approaches including a vimeo iframe as well as just pasting the link but nothing seems to work. The embed […]

Any way to use a custom Parameter for vimeo embed without using an iframe?

I am trying to get some oembed parameters attached to my Vimeo clips. I tried to get it going using the following two instructions: Passing Parameters to a Vimeo link in a WordPress Custom Field – Any way to use a custom parameter for YouTube embed without using an iframe – Unfortunately what […]

Add a YouTube or Vimeo video as a post attachment?

I’m developing a gallery plugin and I was wondering if I could add a YouTube and Vimeo “embed” option to the media uploader to be able to add YouTube and Vimeo videos as attachments to a post instead of uploading the video files directly to the server. I’m thinking along the lines of an option […]