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How can I fix a Virtual Multiblog install that has no errors, but won't show all my sites?

I’ve been using Stephen Rider’s Virtual Multiblog system for WordPress for a while now, and recently, I decided to add one more blog to my existing batch of three. The difference was, while all my other blogs existed as subdomains, this time I wanted WordPress for my main domain. Somehow, this broke all my other […]

root-relative links for multiple parked domains

I have five domains pointing to the same server/wp installation. the domain names are important and my visitors need to be able to stay on their preferred domain as they surf through my site. how do I set up wp (or .htaccess or…) so that links all point to the domain/host specified by the visitor? […]

WordPress Multisite – Multiple subfolders for blogs

I created a network in, the network is running fine. I can set up blogs like This is also working. I like to have multiple (2) subdirectories for each blog, e.g. On an address like should be nothing, it should redirect to and so on. I tried to achieve […]

WordPress multisite with domain mapping and virtual host on local with fake domain

I have searched all over and have found many tutorials on how to set up a multisite, domain mapping, and even use virtual hosts on my local machine, but I can’t seem to find how to do all of those. I would like to have WordPress multisite run on my localhost using fake domain names, […]

Using separate Apache log files for multisite

A while back I left Blogger and downloaded my blogs to my system. I hosted them there with each individual blog as a VirtualHost for a while. Later, I imported them into WordPress and am hosting them from WP now. When I was hosting them locally as virtual hosts, I had each one use a […]