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Virtual HostX and MAMP not working with WordPress

Virtual HostX and MAMP does not render the WordPress files. Virtual HostX and MAMP are both set to port 80. However, the MAMP’s Apache is not running. And MAMP’s web server is set to htdocs folder The URL is displaying – It Works! after refresh: however it should prompt me to set up WordPress like […]

How to fix IP address issues after server migration

For the sake of discussion and clarity: Old ip = 12.345.6.789 New ip = 98.765.432.10 I created a development WordPress server/site on a local virtualbox machine that had a bridged connection which assigned it a unique IP address. Once development was complete the whole VM was then imported into a production VMWare vServer. I made […]

WordPress MU subdomain vhost

Ok so i have my mu setup with subdomains and need a subdomian to point to a different path. My issue is when i add the vhost file it loads before wordpress and loads it path for everything that does not have an assigned path in my vhosts config. But if i load after wordpress […]

Why is a wordpress login session limited to one domain

I have a wordpress installation on my virtual host, where the document root is accessible as both “” as well as “”. If I set up site_url as “”, then when I access “” then wordpress thinks I am not logged in (and I can’t see private posts and such), while if I set site_url […]

HTTP_HOST changing in functions.php

I have getting variable results from the $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] variable in the functions.php file of our child theme. We are running WordPress 3.5.2 on NGINX with PageLines 2.4 as our parent theme and a handful of plugins that I can detail if necessary. Our virtual host is set to answer to: * As we have several […]

Rewrite-Rules not working on a vhost, everything goes to index.php

after setting up the wordpress htaccess rules in my vhost, i was unable to enter the wp-admin area. I was always redirected to the frontpage of my wordpress instance. The rewriting itself worked on the mainpage. All links worked so far, but the admin area remains without any access. Rewrite rules used: RewriteEngine On RewriteBase […]

How can I fix a Virtual Multiblog install that has no errors, but won't show all my sites?

I’ve been using Stephen Rider’s Virtual Multiblog system for WordPress for a while now, and recently, I decided to add one more blog to my existing batch of three. The difference was, while all my other blogs existed as subdomains, this time I wanted WordPress for my main domain. Somehow, this broke all my other […]

root-relative links for multiple parked domains

I have five domains pointing to the same server/wp installation. the domain names are important and my visitors need to be able to stay on their preferred domain as they surf through my site. how do I set up wp (or .htaccess or…) so that links all point to the domain/host specified by the visitor? […]

WordPress Multisite – Multiple subfolders for blogs

I created a network in, the network is running fine. I can set up blogs like This is also working. I like to have multiple (2) subdirectories for each blog, e.g. On an address like should be nothing, it should redirect to and so on. I tried to achieve […]

WordPress multisite with domain mapping and virtual host on local with fake domain

I have searched all over and have found many tutorials on how to set up a multisite, domain mapping, and even use virtual hosts on my local machine, but I can’t seem to find how to do all of those. I would like to have WordPress multisite run on my localhost using fake domain names, […]