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Is there a malicious code inside my wordpress site?

Using my Iphone, I visited our website and when I click some of our Menu like Industry and Power instead of seeing the correct link I see Trk . tracksys55 . com then another websites which is somehow suspicious until it directed me to AppStore to download an app. What file should I check to […]

UpdraftPlus installed malware – scared to download or update plugins now!

A couple months back, I installed UpdraftPlus (free version) on my site. To my horror, immediately afterwards we started getting popups that would redirect to spam sites when you clicked ‘Ok’. I uninstalled UpdraftPlus but the problem persisted. Google yielded a link to someone with a very similar problem – a reply told me […]

WordPress filter that hook after each action/filter hook

In my wordpress site virus script added in footer on wp_footer action. I try many techniques, but i cant find virus hook location. Is there any wp action/filter, that hook after each action /filter hooked including hooked output data? I mean, if some one hook add_action(“wp_footer”,”abc”); function abc(){ echo “inside content”; } I want this. […]

Best Way to Upgrade from WP 2.8 (!)?

I offered a friend to help translate from English some parts of his (mostly) Hebrew install. Then he told me two things: 1) That he’s running 2.8 (he was worried about updating because he didn’t want the design to break) and 2) That he has reason to suspect that the site is infected with a […]

Advice and plugins against Malware

I´m starting with WordPress and would like to make sure my blog stays Malware free. I´ve seen that there are quite a few things to do to insure that. Personnally I´d like to keep it easy and still be protected. Is a plugin like Better WP Security good? but it can create some compatibility issues […]

Can a user spread virus on my Multisite?

Can a user spread Virus or do an harm to Multisite Installation ? Can a user take a chance of using “HTML ” option in posts? In what ways do my Multi-site have chances to get attacked ? Could you suggest me some precautions to follow with multisite ? I wanted to maintain Muilti-site for […]

Can a WordPress plugin or theme contain a virus?

Is it possible to write a virus in a form of a WordPress plugin/theme? Is it possible to: steal user data? damage existing WordPress installation? (optionally) self-spread the virus? Are there any existing cases of this kind of viruses?