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How do I get access to the CSS Editor

I have a blog which is hosted by an ecommerce company who also host my website and online store. Because of this, they uploaded the theme I requested – Penscratch. I couldn’t do it myself. I now want full access so that I can edit the design of the blog fully. At the moment, within […]

Visual composer causing conflict with TinyMCE

My Tinymce is not showing up by default. All out of the sudden, without any new plugin installation or what so ever, VC plugin started to force my text editor (when creating a new entry) to switch from TinyMCE to HTML. I have tested: * Switch themes with Visual Composer plugin activated – the problem […]

How to make shortcode which returns HTML?

I need to make a shortcode button to TinyMCE editor which, in the moment i click it fills up the content part with HTML. When i click on button i need something like: <div> … </div> And not: [div] … [/div] I made my shortcodes work but i need this too. Any help?

How to stop javascript code being broken when going into visual editor

so I already had to make my code uglier than it needed to be, because whenever I tried to do && wordpress decided I wanted &amp, and now I am finding that when I go into visual view any javascript defined on that page breaks. For example the code I have now (which works): <script> […]

Disabling visual editor on a specific post

I would like to disable the visual editor for post id 416 on my local WordPress installation, to do so (following this answer) I added: add_filter( ‘user_can_richedit’, ‘wpse_58501_page_can_richedit’ ); function wpse_58501_page_can_richedit( $can ) { global $post; if ( 416 == $post->ID ) return false; return $can; } at the end (just before the end curly […]

Visual Editor is blank – 404 for plugin js

My client’s visual editor is not working. I’m seeing a ton of JS errors in the console. All 404 errors for plugin files related to tiny_mce. Here’s a couple: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)…-kit-api/assets/js/tiny_mce/plugins/charmap/plugin.js?wp-mce-4203-20150730 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status […]

How to add a second stylesheet to the editor

Is it possible to add another stylesheet from my theme directory, to the Appearance > Editor screen?

Blank TinyMCE and 404 errors on assets

In the admin section, the visual editor (TinyMCE) has gone blank. Firebug shows a bunch of 404 errors. These files all actually exist but return a 404 when loaded as assets or when I try opening them in my browser. I tried deactivating all plugins, as well as reinstalling WP 4.6.1 to no avail. I […]

Disable Content Editor for Specific Pages

I know how to block the content editor on a single, specific page but I would like to block it on more than one page. In the code below if add another page file to the following then everything breaks. Is there a way to reference more than just the one template file? Thanks function […]

Can't update WordPress Page if post_content is Empty

I’m having an issue with WordPress where the Page isn’t Updating if the Visual Editor is Empty. Here are the steps I am taking: Go to Pages Click on an existing page to Edit On the Edit Page screen, Remove all the text from the Visual Editor so that the Visual Editor is blank Click […]