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Editor background colour in full screen

In this Q&A, How do you change the visual editor's background color?, it is shown how to modify WordPress’ editor background colour. My question is how can I modify the editor’s background colour, in full screen mode? (also called “distraction free” mode). The solution in the linked thread does not work for full screen editor […]

Add button in TinyMCE editor to insert text

I’m searching a way to add a custom button to the TinyMCE editor when clicked insert into the visual editor some text. For example: button called “Hi” when clicked insert into the editor “Hello I’m <B>Mark</b>!” Is it possible? And how?

How to reset display of WYSIWYG editor

I recently installed WordPress on a new domain but I have a small problem. This WYSIWYG editor displays very small text with no padding. Here are some examples. Desired behavior: Actual behavior: As you can see, the second image shows text which is considerably small and hard to read. It also has no padding so […]

How to disable formatting

Everytime I copy something, WordPress will format the content like it was in that text. For example if I copy a link from Wikipedia, WordPress will format that word to be bold, blue and with underline. This is tilting me so hard. I have tried the following from Disable TinyMCE autoformatting and I didn’t noticed […]

Add table button in editor without Plugin

i want to add the “tablecontrol” ty the editor. This is what I’ve tried: function my_mce_buttons_1($buttons) { $buttons[] = ‘superscript’; $buttons[] = ‘subscript’; $buttons[] = ‘tablecontrols’; return $buttons; } add_filter(‘mce_buttons_3’, ‘my_mce_buttons_3’); This does not work. Any help is appreciated. Lars

WordPress' visual editor messing up my (nested) lists (and other things as well)

I always have trouble trying to create some nested lists in WordPress using the default editor in visual mode, since I want to avoid the HTML extra work. Even though I write the HTML myself in the HTML editor mode, the page sometimes will not listen to my HTML and change things as it wants. […]

Switching From HTML to Visual Editor and Back Completely Strips Page Contents

I have a page (not a blog post) I need to embed an iframe on (it’s to “integrate” an external service’s product catalog). I added the iframe code in the raw HTML editor and saved the page. I viewed the page, everything worked. I went back to the editor and switched from raw HTML to […]

WordPress “Page not found error” when I edit a page

On a WordPress based website, when I add text using wordpress visual editor or HTML source to a particular page – it gives “page not found error”. I tried by adding some other text and its working fine. Then I typed all the text again and in between kept checking if it is giving any […]

How to get Text Selection in WordPress Editor

I want something like if I select any word in WordPress Visual Editor, it will get replaced with my own text. Actually Visual Editor is an iFrame. We can do this thing in textarea, but how can we implement this in iFrame (WordPress Visual Editor)? Any help would be appreciated.

Can I remove the Rich Text box editor for a specific post?

A few months ago I asked a similar question: Is it possible to remove the main rich Text box editor? and got the following answer: function remove_pages_editor(){ remove_post_type_support( ‘page’, ‘editor’ ); } add_action( ‘init’, ‘remove_pages_editor’ ); This code removes the editor from all pages. Can I remove if from specific pages (by post-ID) somehow? Thanks!