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How to host and manage for clients

I want to manage WordPress installations for some customers of mine. They need an a+ service but I am still struggling with setting up my hosting. What I want: Backups, if I make an mistake I want to have an backup to restore it. Easy scalable, if I decide to get more customers, I want […]

How to configure sub-domain for images on Debian Apache VPS?

in shorts: I want this BUT, I have VPS with Debian runing Apache and WP. I follow all steps from tutorial and not working for me. I was reading little (I mean – a lot) on Google and find something like “VirtualServers”. I didn’t understand clearly, but I think I have to configure Apache […]

modrewrite not working on my Apache setup

Not sure if this is webmaster or a WordPress question, it’s a bit half and half, sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place. Without using Multi-Site or installing new WordPress CMS’ in second-level domains, what’s the best way to get multiple WordPress installs running on my VPS (running Linux powered CentOS 6 with WHM […]

Is there a real benefit in using wordpress optimized hosting?

I’m building a site for a client. This site often takes a long time to load initially, but is rather fast when loading the next page because of WP Super Cache plugin. But still, the majority of people visiting a site for the first time will navigate away if the site doesn’t load completely in […]

Running WordPress as FTP user?

I’ve been doing some research on file permissions as of late, as my WordPress installation on my VPS doesn’t have write access. From what I’ve heard it’s very dangerous to make the apache user the owner of your WordPress files, as apache can then do whatever it wants. The WordPress Codex says: “All of your […]

Speed up MU WordPress on Apache VPS?

I have a wordpress multisite 3.6 with 1 main site and 5 subdomains(with mapping domains) I am tried to make it faster, i install the W3 Total Cache plugin i add on my apache the APC 3.1.13 yum install httpd-devel pecl install apc Enable internal debugging in APC [no] : no Enable per request file […]

WordPress site is sloooow, but admin is fast…any ideas?

I have a Linode VPS running a single WordPress blog. It has been running just fine until today. The admin panel is snappy, but the site is very slow. I am still finishing the site, so there shouldn’t be any traffic. When I go to it takes 45+ seconds to load, then each click […]

WP-Admin gives 403 Forbidden after login on CentOS 7

I’ve setup a brand new CentOS 7 VPS; everything configured by me. LAMP installation and the Apache virtual host configurations are all done. I’ve checked them before installing WordPress and the HTML sites were being showed as well as the PHP info and everything else. After that I went on to setup WordPress as usual. […]

Ideal WP multisite server setup for up to 1000 sites?

I plan to host up to 1000 sites for a large non-profit. Each site could get quite a bit of traffic. What is the ideal setup? VPS, *ngix, mem-cache etc?

WooCommerce with thousands of products – site is very slow – optimize db queries?

So far I’ve got around 8,000 products in my WooCommerce and the product page on the front end takes several seconds to load, even after caching. My VPS host says that I should have multiple databases. Is that the right method and if so, how is it possible? Any suggestions on speeding up my database […]