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How to replace or display the special characters from JSON API plugin

I started using the JSON API plugin. It works good ! But the problem i am facing is, If i enter any text containing special characters through CMS The output is not same as the given text. Why this is happening? Example: It’s a good app (Input) The output looks like It ' s a […]

Enqueue AWS Script

I am working on the integration of an Amazon Webstore (Amazon Checkout) on a WordPress site using Amazon Documentation here. Has been a while since I worked with enqueueing external JScripts. I need to load two scripts from Amazon. I added some code to functions.php, but I seem to have made a mistake and I […]

Pitfalls when Distributing Plugins that Access SOAP Web Services?

I’m wondering what pitfalls (if any?) developers here have run into when distributing WordPress plugins via the WordPress plugin repository that embed a SOAP client for accessing SOAP web services for critical plugin features (or any plugin distributed widely via any other repository, for that matter.) (It is my assumption that a company publishing plugins […]

Show popular post in another php website via WP REST JSON API

I need to show popular & recent posts in another PHP web site under the same domain. Example: -> main website (php, mysql) -> WordPress blog Need to show popular, recent posts of blog in the main website. Please note that blog and main website use two separate database. I decided to use […]

Embedding a SOAP Client into a WordPress Plugin?

What is the best way to embed a SOAP client into a WordPress plugin that one would distribute via the WordPress plugin repository? Is it best to use? The PHP 5.x Soap Client, The Zend Soap Client, The NuSoap Toolkit for PHP, The PEAR SOAP Client/Server for PHP, or Some other SOAP client for PHP? […]

Generating Thumbnails for video

I have checked and read lot of post about one single issue that is far more complicated than it seems. I have a website that uses a lot of videos taken from wwebsite as on the internet ^^ (services like youtube, vimeo, videobuzzy, etc) and we would like to generate on the fly a thumbnail […]