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Webservice credential storage

This question already has an answer here: How to store username and password to API in wordpress option DB? 2 answers

Call Web Services on post first publish

I want to call some web service when i publish a post. I want to add a checkbox so as to decide whether to call or not call after publishing. I have found the code to call both REST and SOAP web services but i dont know: How to add a checkbox in the “new […]

Is there an XML Web Service that can get posts, categories and other data from the site?

I know that there is a JSON API Plugin and I think that is what I want with the major exception being that it only outputs JSON and there is no configuration that I can see for outputting XML. Is there an equivalent for an XML webservice or can I output it myself through some […]

Getting following web services error after activating the Rewards Plugin

When activate “sumo reward points” plugin and run this″ webservice. It gives me following errors: Warning: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘s.t.r.r.e.v’ not found or invalid function name in /home/imex323/public_html/wp-content/plugins/rewardsystem/inc/class_reward_system_menus.php on line 214 Warning: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘s.t.r.r.e.v’ not found or invalid […]

Run additional service on domain with WordPress Multisite?

I’ve got three parked domains configured to use my WordPress Multisite installation. No problems with the configurations there. I can serve up three independent WordPress blogs at,, All WordPress files are located in my web root at /public_html. What I’d like to do is add a completely separate service to one of […]

Avoid WordPress categorizing a permalink request as Not found 404 Page

I’ve been looking all over the web for something like what I need and I haven’t find anything resemble not even similar, the thing is this: I got a Page Template to a simple page post type, let’s say ‘Fruits’ and then in this template I am calling a Web Services that will bring back […]

Callback URL in WordPress

I want to use this service OnWebChange to monitor when a website changes and change mine accordingly. It would notify me via a URL callback to my website URL with a HTTP POST method. What tools/API/plugins do I use to “catch” those POST’s? Have searched a lot and found only how to make POST, but […]

How to replace or display the special characters from JSON API plugin

I started using the JSON API plugin. It works good ! But the problem i am facing is, If i enter any text containing special characters through CMS The output is not same as the given text. Why this is happening? Example: It’s a good app (Input) The output looks like It ' s a […]

Enqueue AWS Script

I am working on the integration of an Amazon Webstore (Amazon Checkout) on a WordPress site using Amazon Documentation here. Has been a while since I worked with enqueueing external JScripts. I need to load two scripts from Amazon. I added some code to functions.php, but I seem to have made a mistake and I […]

Pitfalls when Distributing Plugins that Access SOAP Web Services?

I’m wondering what pitfalls (if any?) developers here have run into when distributing WordPress plugins via the WordPress plugin repository that embed a SOAP client for accessing SOAP web services for critical plugin features (or any plugin distributed widely via any other repository, for that matter.) (It is my assumption that a company publishing plugins […]