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How do you keep your live and and testing server?

I have a live site and a testing server (XAMPP) that I built the site on originally before publishing it. Obviously, there are a number of things you need to do to migrate a site from one place to another. I was hoping to tap into collective experience to find out the best way of […]

Weird 404 URL Problem – domain name being placed at end of urls

For some reason when doing crawl tests I’m finding pages with the domain name being tacked on the end and causing 404 errors. For example: This is happening to all pages, posts and even category type Site is in WordPress Using Yoast SEO plugin Any suggestions? Thanks! For Example

WordPress blog or WordPress website

I have created a WordPress blog. I am planning to eventually move all the posts to a website of my own from the free WordPress service. Is it good move the blog to a private domain now or should i move after making some[say 100] posts using the free wordpress service? My primary concerns […]

Posting as different users

I’ll try to make this brief. I am a webmaster for a newspaper and in a single day i am uploading an issue of the paper where there are multiple authors to several articles. Question is: how do i make a post and display a custon author name without having to log into a different […]

Can't delete unwanted favicon

I have a favicon that is a remnant of a disactivated wordpress theme. I can’t find the favicon file in the theme folder, or the wordpress or server root. I have added my own reference to a new favicon, but the old one is still displayed. <link rel=”icon” type=”image/png” href=””> My site is here. Edit: […]

Why is Google Webmaster Tools telling me to update WordPress

Today I got a bunch of messages for many of my sites in Google Webmaster Tools telling me I don’t have the latest version of WordPress and should update. However, I have 3.13 and up; I don’t see any updates on the WordPress page or within my site and 3.2 is there but it’s still […]

Best way to eliminate xmlrpc.php?

What is a best way to eliminate xmlrpc.php file from WordPress when you don’t need it?