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White screen error for a custom theme

I have created a theme for one of our clients using bootstrap framework! When i was working on it on Localhost it works Correctly, but when I Uploaded it doesn’t work. When I Activate it from Appearance I Saw A blank white Page; Also when I Try to Post a new Comment, post, page or […]

White screen of death on post save only

I’ve worked in WordPress many years and never seen this particular behaviour. The white screen of death only shows on Post Publish or Update. It doesn’t show on WooCommerce Category additions. It doesn’t show on plugin additions, etc. The front side of the site shows just fine. No PHP error shows with WP_DEBUG is set […]

White screen after a couple hours?

I get a white screen after a couple hours of my site working fine. I get the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in /home/talg/public_html/wp-content/themes/avanter/header.php on line 19 I am still able to access the backend portion of the site. I have tried to install a theme update blocker but have had […]

Getting Whitescreen when publishing a post

I’m working on my first theme from scratch. So far so good. Locally with XAMPP everything works fine. I uploaded my theme to my FTP Server. Now I get a Whitescreen after publishing/editing a post. I have no plugins except Hello Dolly and a Coming Soon Plugin (which I tested, they work fine with other […]

WordPress Backend Fine, All Themes Return a Blank Page?

I have this issue, where I can’t access the frontend without a blank page anymore. It drives me crazy. The backend seems to be up just fine, but the frontend is white. When trying to chose another theme (twentyten) this one also returns white, already in the preview. What can I possibly do? Edit 1: […]

Error with function in functions.php?

I am using the below function in my custom theme to load posts via AJAX. But for some reason it is breaking the WP ADMIN WIdget Drag and Drop and also showing the White Screen of Death when I uploaded the theme to a live server. I can’t figure out what is wrong I am […]

White blank page when Updating/Draft/Publishing Page/Post

On my VPS (centos 6.7 64x, 2 cpu’s and 3gb ram) I have setup a WP MU(Memory usage: 53.97 MByte)and many times I have a blank page when I make a post draft or publish/updating it, or when I want to move as an admin to another option in wp. I have added on the […]

Tried to move blogs to a new server – “white screen of death”

I tried to migrate my old blogs to a new server. The domain remained the same (it was also transfered to the new server). To perform this task I tried to follow these steps: When I now visit the moved blogs, I get nothing more than the “infamous white screen of death“. The wordpress […]

White screen of death on admin and other dashboard pages

I have created a theme for the first time. but except the public area I cannot access admin by wp-admin. After changing he theme I saved redirected URL of admin which is this –>, this takes me to login page and allows me to login then again none of the images are loading as they […]

Post MetaTable Overload

Anyone run a wp site with a large amount of post meta data? My site uses ACF with several custom post types and at least 20 custom meta fields with each of my custom post types. I have over 1000 posts in each of my custom post types and let’s just say my post meta […]