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How to display custom widget anywhere

I’ve a custom widget for ads, it helps me to show ads on sidebar but I’m trying to display it under every single post or on front page near to slider. <?php the_widget( ‘AdWidget_300’ ); ?> How could I call custom widget anywhere I want?

wordpress widget textbox in the sidebar

I have a normal textbox widget that I am using in certain sidebars. The text widget generates a div within a ul. Is there anyway to make the widget generate another ul li instead? <ul><h3>Heading</h3> <div class=”textwidget”>

Custom shortcode in widget forced to top of widget

A custom shortcode i made is being forced to the top of the widget outside of the widget container. Any ideas why? This is my code… function nktmediaplayer_func($atts) { extract(shortcode_atts(array( ‘id’ => rand(1, 900), ‘language’ => ‘en’, ‘playlist’ => ‘no’, ‘media’ => ‘3381’, ‘height’ => ‘480’, ‘width’ => ‘640’, ‘style’ => ‘single’ ), $atts)); ?> […]

Add copies of the same text widget instance to multiple sidebars

Note: This is not the popular question about how to create multiple instances of a widget. I have a text widget that I am using to display “business hours”. This text needs to go in multiple sidebars and is likely to change often enough to be a nuisance to change it in multiple places. Is […]

Add New Footer Widget Area with Limited Options?

I’m trying to add a new footer widget area to my theme. I was able to add the new footer widget area and it works correctly. But I would like to limit what can be done with the widget area by the end user, right now the user can add any widget that they wish […]

Is There A Hook To Process The Content Of The Text Widget?

Is there any filter which can be used in a plugin to process the content of the text widget before it is rendered?

Can the new 4.8v text widget visual editor be removed?

Can the new 4.8 widget visual editor in the default text widget be unhooked or removed and the widget restored to the pre-4.8 editor style? I don’t need or want the visual editor in widgets; I use them for plain text and html and don’t need other users adding anything other than plain text. I […]