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Using Ajax call in jQuery doesn't work in widget

So I’m in the midst of creating a new conversion widget and I’m having some trouble getting the Ajax call to work in my widget. (works perfectly outside of WordPress). The problem at the moment is that it outputs the whole homepage in the #results div rather than just the results figure:

Widget Admin – Form Submit Event?

I’m creating a widget, and cannot figure out how to get an event right before the person clicks “save” or presses the enter button on the widget admin panel. What would be the javascript code to get the event on the widget admins’ form submit? Example: Thanks!

Is there plugin to show recent posts from one website in the widget area of another?

I would like to take the titles of recent posts or content related posts from one website and display them in the widget area of another website. I’m sure there must be a way to do this, perhaps some adaptation to the standard ‘recent posts’ widget? I did something similar before using an rss feed […]

How to add the widgets manually to the sidebar?

How can I add the widget manually in the code ?

WordPress “include TEMPLATEPATH” or?

I built something like this: Index Container Widgets Area and I created a widget for that – Categories Widget – Index Container .php with this in: <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/includes/containers/container-grid-categories.php’); ?> <?php ///include (TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/includes/containers/container-list-categories.php’); ?> and for example in the /includes/containers/container-grid-categories.php is this: <?php //include (TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/includes/containers/container-grid-categories/grid-thumbs.php’); ?> <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH […]

Replace dashboard widgets with banner ad

I know it’s probably not encouraged, but is there a way to replace the standard dashboard widgets (Recent Drafts, Quickpress, etc.) with a standard image banner ad? I know how to add new dashboard widgets, but I want this to be a plain image with no surrounding widget.

Dynamic widgets

In wordpress is it possible to have different widgets on different pages, I mean, I am having a form widget which has to be just displayed on posts page, it should just display on single.php Is this possible? Is their any plugin for this?

How to put Stack Exchange Flair as widget?

I want to put my flair in as a widget in the top of my sidebar in my blog. There was a similar question asked here but the only answer links to the flair page and suggests copying and pasting the html into the theme. I don’t want to edit my theme, I want to […]

cannot drag and drop widgets since wordpress 3.2.1

I recently updated my site to wordpress 3.2.1 automatically. Now I tried to manage my sidebar widgets, and noticed I can no longer drag and drop the widgets around. If I look into my browser-console, I notice that the page is unable to load jQuery. Weird: it appends my root-url to the jquery-url, like so: […]

Style every second widget?

I need to apply a certain style to every second widget in my sidebar, and I’m reluctant to use :nth-child due to cross-browser compatibility issues. Is there a bit of PHP that will allow me to apply a class to every other widget?