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Recent Comments from Specific Category Widget

I’ve been trying to create a sidebar widget to display recent comments from specific category. I’m having difficulties in determining how WordPress knows from which categories the comments are. I have checked the codex on get_comments function but it doesn’t seem to allow fetching from specific categories. I’ve found some hints from Kovshenin’s blog, but […]

Create Widget or Enable Shortcodes in Sidebar

I’m well aware that WordPress by default does not process shortcodes in the sidebar. My question is why. I’m building a very small plugin that exports some content when the shortcode is present. This will be primarily used in the content area. I want to allow the user to display that content in the sidebar […]

New loop vs widget

So, I have a sidebar that I’m going to list all posts in, I could just use a widget. But is it proper to use a new loop instead of a widget, or preferential?

Remove “Content” and “Discussion” from Right Now Dashboard Widget

How do I hide “Content” and “Discussion” element in the “Right Now” dashboard widget? Here’s a screenshot:

wordpress widget missing jquery

I have live score website and it is not wordpress based i build a widget for pure php websites but now i want to offer the widget to wordpress users problem is when i tried the widget i get three errors and to be honest i am not wordpress expert so i hope to be […]

Contact information footer

I am new to WordPress but forced to create a website as a WordPress template for my current employee (I am a front end developer, mostly build new systems/apps etc from scratch). Creating the template is no issue, but how do I go about making everything fully editable? For example the footer: it contains contact […]

How to create wordpress widget that is fixed position on the home page

I want to create a video plugin which is fixed on the home page when user scrolls. I know there is a wp_float plugin . But I want to try build new plugin

Making a Multisite Dashboard Widget

I tried to use the code from this question: How to Check Disk Space used by Media Library But it’s displaying this error in a Multisite: How can I display it on my network Dashboard instead root site Dashboard?

Update widget form after drag-and-drop “only specific plugin”

This solution, Update widget form after drag-and-drop, works correctly but I want to adapt this function to affect only a specific plugin and not every plugin. How could I do it?

wordpress widgets screen disappeared

Im having a weird problem. The screen where you manage widgets (drag and drop them from left to right) suddenly disappeared. How can I access it? It should be accessible via admin>themes>widgets but I dont have that option in the sub menu. Only have “themes” “menus” “editor” Btw, Im using ithemes theme builder plugin. Since […]