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Remove “Content” and “Discussion” from Right Now Dashboard Widget

How do I hide “Content” and “Discussion” element in the “Right Now” dashboard widget? Here’s a screenshot:

wordpress widget missing jquery

I have live score website and it is not wordpress based i build a widget for pure php websites but now i want to offer the widget to wordpress users problem is when i tried the widget i get three errors and to be honest i am not wordpress expert so i hope to be […]

Contact information footer

I am new to WordPress but forced to create a website as a WordPress template for my current employee (I am a front end developer, mostly build new systems/apps etc from scratch). Creating the template is no issue, but how do I go about making everything fully editable? For example the footer: it contains contact […]

How to create wordpress widget that is fixed position on the home page

I want to create a video plugin which is fixed on the home page when user scrolls. I know there is a wp_float plugin . But I want to try build new plugin

Making a Multisite Dashboard Widget

I tried to use the code from this question: How to Check Disk Space used by Media Library But it’s displaying this error in a Multisite: How can I display it on my network Dashboard instead root site Dashboard?

Update widget form after drag-and-drop “only specific plugin”

This solution, Update widget form after drag-and-drop, works correctly but I want to adapt this function to affect only a specific plugin and not every plugin. How could I do it?

wordpress widgets screen disappeared

Im having a weird problem. The screen where you manage widgets (drag and drop them from left to right) suddenly disappeared. How can I access it? It should be accessible via admin>themes>widgets but I dont have that option in the sub menu. Only have “themes” “menus” “editor” Btw, Im using ithemes theme builder plugin. Since […]

register child class in another plugin

I think this should be relatively easy, but somehow I cannot figure out how to do this. essentially there’s a preexisting plugin that does this: add_action(‘widgets_init’, create_function(”, ‘register_widget(“Foo”);’)); if ( ! class_exists( ‘Foo’ ) ) { class Foo extends WP_Widget { /*constructs etc*/ }} now i would like to write another plugin (extension essentially), that […]

How to change color of registered widget areas in admin?

Right now they are all gray. How to change the color? I mean, how to add a class or id to the registered widget area that are shown in the admin area? This is how you register the admin areas in my functions.php right now: register_sidebar( array( ‘name’ => __( ‘Main Sidebar’, ‘twentyeleven’ ), ‘id’ […]

Are there any official or unofficial guidelines for the styling of a widget?

I’ve designed a sidebar widget and found that on many themes the widget looks fine. However, certain themes make the widget look out of place (clashing with colors, bad contrast, etc.) Are there any guidelines on how to properly style widgets so that they match most websites?