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Count widgets of a certain type

How can I get the number (count) of, let’s say, text widgets from a sidebar? for eg. if I drop 4 text widgets in the sidebar, I want to get this number somehow from another widget

Widgets with groups / sub widgets? Widget in a widget?

I tried to find anything about adding a widget within a widget area. That widget should be a widget group / sub widget area. I’ve found a plugin that does this: What I really want is to dynamically create something like this without the help from plugins: Any bright ideas?

Using tabs in admin widgets

Update: I should point out that I tested the method below on Plugin/theme options page and it worked perfectly. In-fact I was also able to include the jQuery cookie Plugin to preserve the current tab selection between page loads (nice!). Been trying to add tabs to an admin widget to reduce the form footprint when […]

Custom Menus, Widgets & Conditional Statements

I’m employing custom widgets for my client because it’s easy and they have several menus they need to create specific to site sections. I then want to allow them to add to the custom menu dynamically using widgets (I create the spaces needed for the widget and they drag and drop the menus into that […]

Is it possible to enqueue a script from a widget method (of extended WP_Widget object)?

I am creating a widget plugin that a user could potentially use multiple iterations of the widget multiple times on a single widget-area / multiple widget-areas on a single page. Because of its functionality there will be differing widget-level variables that I will need to individually pass from PHP to JavaScript to take action on […]

Add custom post types stats to a custom dashboard widget

I have a lot of custom post types and I have them showing in my “Right Now” Dashboard but it’s gotten pretty long so I want to separate them to a custom widget within the dash. See example below: So my question is how do I add the CPTs to a custom dashboard widget? Any […]

Pass variables from one widget to another widget

I wrote a widget but I need to use the variables from one widget in another…both widgets are in the same dynamic sidebar. This is what I am trying to do: I wrote a widget that adds a footer to the bottom of an image slider widget. When I add the footer widget under the […]

Latest/Recent posts widget title link

I have been struggling with this for a few hours now… I want to add a link to my recent posts widget title. I have tried a number of options given in forums but nothing seems to work. Tried adding link tags around and in between echo $before_title . $title . $after_title; but must be […]

nowplaying.include.php Will Not Display Results recommended I post here as they believed there may be a global issue with my request. I thought what I was missing was obvious and simple, but two months into this and being referred here seems to indicate otherwise. All I would like to do is have some results from some very simple php […]

Add 'Right Now' widget to custom dashboard

I have created a custom dashboard page to which the user is redirected when logged in. I want to include the ‘Right Now’ widget to my custom dashboard page. How do I achieve that ? class CustomDash { function __construct(){ add_action( ‘admin_menu’, array( &$this, ‘nn_register_custom_dash’ ) ); add_action( ‘load-index.php’, array( &$this, ‘nn_redirect_custom_dash’ ) ); } […]