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Hide default “Recent Comments” Widget if there are no comments yet

Is there a way to hide the widget completely if there are no comments yet? I was thinking about maybe adding a php function to my functions.php file – is that a possible way? If so, can someone provide a suggestion?

Hide all Dashboard Widgets (not remove)

Is there a to hide all dashboard widgets, not remove them? I want my widget to be the first widget but according to the docs there’s no way to specify where your widget shows up since it’s all “core”, so my solution would be to hide all widgets initially. I ran across this but this […]

Post-specific widgets in WordPress 'Twenty Fourteen' theme

Using WordPress 3.8.1 with ‘Twenty Fourteen’ theme I’d like to arrange my post in such a way that it’s main contents go to main (center) column while galleries, attached files and links pertaining to this post go to content sidebar to the right. How can I do that? Do I need some specific plugins? Right […]

Uses Cases for the Calendar Widget

So I’ve looked at several themes and visited several theme dev sites and i’m confused about the “purpose” of the WordPress Calendar Widget. So it states it is… A calendar of your site’s Posts But really? Is that all it is used for? Surely there are more creative uses for this widget. Is anyone using […]

How to modify the default WordPress 'Pages' widget to have titles on the anchor tags?

So basically, the ‘Pages’ widget just prints out a list of all pages names as links (as you all probably know). Although, these anchor tags do not have any titles, and that is frowned upon in the SEO world. I would like to modify this to have the titles simply as the name of the […]

right_now_content_table_end function not working?

I noticed recently my custom counts for custom post types are not showing on the dashboard. Im using this function: right_now_content_table_end It worked well before, Im not sure when it stopped working but I think after updating to 3.8? Or is there a new function I should use with the new dashboard that is in […]

Display sidebar only if it has content

I have registered a new sidebar. Here is my code in functions.php: register_sidebar(array( ‘name’=>’1’, ‘before_widget’ => ‘<div class=”div1″>’, ‘after_widget’ => ‘</div>’, ‘before_title’ => ”, ‘after_title’ => ”, )); How do I get to display this sidebar. I want to do something like this: if sidebar(1) doesn’t have widgets, it should not be displayed if sidebar(1) […]

How to change plugin`s template (view) correctly?

I’m new to WordPress. So, I have installed a plugin to display recent posts (that’s it: This plugin have a widget. And now I want to change widget’s template for my needs. I found it in plugin_folder/views/default.php. As I know, it is bad practice to edit files directly in plugin folder. So, how can […]

How to check if widget has automatic title

Some default widgets has automatic titles. Is it possible to check if widget has automatic/inserted title using dynamic_sidebar_params filter?

instance is empty in function widget()

I am working on a widget for my theme. If I do a print_r($insance) in the form function, the instance array is populated with the correct data. I have checked the database and the correct information is there in the options table for my widget. My problem is that, if I do a print_r($instance) for […]