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How to add a specific widget to only 1 page?

I would like to show a widget in only one page of my site, as i can see it is not possible right? Should i add that for all my site pages or not?

How to edit widgets in WordPress

In the Appearance -> Widgets menu there is a list of widgets that you can drag and drop to show in the sidebar. Where is the HTML/PHP code for these custom widgets? I’ve been on WordPress’s Function Reference but couldn’t find anything. Surely these widgets must be pulled from a HTML/PHP template. The reason I […]

How to hide or remove unwanted widgets on Multisite installation?

I am using Multi-site installation. I don’t want all the widgets appear under widgets.php on dashboard .So I tried to find a way to remove or hide unnecessary widgets . SO that the new sub-sites under my Multi-site created won’t have much widgets. So the users don’t get confuse with lot of widgets . I […]

Sharing Dynamic Sidebars across Multisite Blogs

I’m trying to find away to retrive a dynamic sidebar from one blog and print it on another blog in the same install of WordPress Multisite. I have tried switch_to_blog($blog_id); dynamic_sidebar($sidebar_name); restore_current_blog(); But nothing is returned. I also tired to retrive the sidebar through get_blog_option($blog_id, ‘sidebar_widgets’) but I was only able to retrive an array […]

How to hook into unregistering a widget instance?

I would like to hook into a widget instance after it is removed from a sidebar panel on the Appearances -> Widgets admin page. So if the instance was an active widget and then removed, I would like to hook into that instance before it is removed. Can it be done?

Author template, filter sidebar widgets by author?

I’d like to be able to filter my sidebar widgets (tag cloud, category, archive) to only show those tags/categories/months that apply to a given author on the author template. What is the correct way to filter or modify these widgets? I found this page in the codex but it doesn’t seem that the native functions […]

Where is the content of widgets stored in mysql table

I have the cPanel access to a website but no wordpress login info. So I wants to change a widget content in the website. How can I change it through phpmyadmin. Where are that widgets sidebar data actually stored? Is it inside wp-options table?

Call dynamic_sidebar but include/exclude named widgets?

Is it possible to include or exclude specific named widgets that are assigned to a named dynamic_sidebar call? For example, if I’ve registered a sidebar named “my_sidebar” and the user had placed a “Links” widget into it, I want to be able to include or exclude it based on a custom setting in my theme […]

Extend WordPress 3.8 Site Activity Dashboard Widget to include more comments

The new Site Activity dashboard widget defaults to showing 5 comments. I’d like to show 10. I can see the code in core /wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php where it calls the function wp_dashboard_site_activity, and uses wp_dashboard_recent_comments ( $total_items = 5 ). But I don’t know the syntax to hook into this function to update it. I know how […]

How Do I Add Custom CSS To Only Certain Widgets

I have a standard dynamic sidebar using register_sidebar and dynamic_sidebar and I need the last widget in the sidebar (which will not have a set number of widgets) to have a distinct class (‘last_widget’) added to the <li> that wraps it. What’s the best way to do this?