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Wp_mail() function not working in Windows and MAC OS

Not getting mails when sent from Windows OS and MAC OS but getting when sent from Linux OS. I tried sending mails from LINUX OS,Windows and MAC OS LINUX sending me the mails as it should do but windows and MAC failing to send the mail I am getting Mail sent successful message, but not […]

Newbie: Multiple WP sites on Windwos 2012 IIS

Newbie Question: I have a Windows 2012 server with an existing ASP.NET / HTTPS site on it running a small SQL Server as well. My customer wants to add a dozen or so WordPress sites, one for each of its States. They must be independent with separate logins, separate sites etc, but the backend data […]

strange behaviour with “rin” in brand new installation of 4.6.1

I am used to install WordPress by myself manually so I can control everything. I basically grab the latest: PHP (5.6 NTS x64) MySQL Community Server WordPress (4.6.1) Done it hundreads of times before, but this time around I am getting very awkward behaviour, e.g. I see the word “rin” rendered on every page the […]

Using Windows Server 2012 How to Move Uploads Folder to another hard drive

Using WordPress as an intranet. The WordPress installation is on C however this drive is limited and wanting to use another hard drive on the server (Hard Drive E) for my uploads folder. Am I able to change the UPLOADS dir via the config or will ABSPATH be an issue and need another work around? […]

All links in my site start with localhost?

This is my website The home page shows, but all links start with localhost/wordpress, rather than the current address, which is The server is windows and runs IIS 7. WordPress is in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wordpress. WordPress is installed by Web Platform Installer. I’m new to IIS. How should I fix the link problem? I hope […]

One blog inside another

I have a question about having two blogs at the same host simultaneously. Here is my scenario: The first blog is hosted in the root directory, and the second is hosted in a sub directory,, which is linked to I have tried to manipulate the web.config file of the root, by making […]

Connect to MySQL using Windows Authentication

Is it possible to have WordPress/PHP connect to my MySQL database using Windows Authentication on IIS? I can connect just fine using the normal MySQL command line utilities. I get the following error instead: Warning: mysqli_real_connect(): The server requested authentication method unknown to the client [authentication_windows_client] in c:\wordpress\wp-includes\wp-db.php on line 1386 Warning: mysqli_real_connect(): (HY000/2054): The […]

wordpress http to https windows server

Having a few issues getting things to work after changing wordpress from http to https on a windows sever. The web.config file is a bit of a mare to work with and the hosting company seems to think that changing http to https in wordpress settings is the only change necessary. currently I can only […]

Different development environments (Mac & Windows)

I am trying to synchronize development between a Windows user (WAMP) and a Mac user (Regular Apache). Windows User (me) Since I use IIS I need my port 80 so I have changed the ports on WAMP to :666. So the url to the WordPress is http://localhost:666/projectname/ Mac user He has the site on a […]

moving server can not login

I design my site in win7 system, and today before a server rent, I moving my blog from win7 to my another computer witch is installed CentOS 5.5 for a last test, I have reference the article moving my site from d:/www/ to /var/www/html, and my site runs well, all the post, comment have […]