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How can i run the same WordPress install on multiple subdomains?

My site is installed on my main domain, lets say for an example. I have WooCommerce installed and i would like to run the shop part of the site on with the same WordPress install. Also, the blog would run on I think Multisite is not what i’m after based on the […]

Function to Set Product type in Woocommerce

I am trying to add a subscription product with custom function in WooCommerce. I am able to add a simple product along with the post_meta, but unable to set the product_type for that product. Does anyone know the function for saving product_type in WooCommerce?

WordPress Displaying Thumbnails Vertically

WordPress is displaying my thumbnails vertically and VERY LARGE. Specifically it’s displaying WooCommerce product page thumbnails vertically and VERY LARGE. Can’t seem to figure out why or what piece of code is responsible for this happening. I already went into WordPress settings > Media, and made sure thumbnail sizes were correct at 150×150. Also tried […]

How to have a custom display for both woocommerce archive and product-category pages?

So far Hi there, I understand my question is very closely related to a common question about ‘woocommerce‘. I have been using a variety of woo hooks, filters and creating copies of original woo template files in my child theme in a folder called woocommerce/. This is working and I’m able to make the edits […]

Help with some php math in WordPress

I’ve made a woocommerce store and I am using a dropshipper – so every product has an price and a trade price for me – which I am importing and storing as a custom field ‘trade_price’ on the product. I wanted to know if it would be possible to include some php on my single […]

Limiting woocommerce line_total decimal length

I am trying to get line_total woocommerce price, but i just cant figure out how to deal with number of decimals. It is now showing price with 4 decimals like 5.5444$ and i want it to show max 2 decimals, like 5.54$. Does anyone know what am i doing wrong? I have no problems with […]

WooCommerce duplicate sub categories and product slugs

I’m building a website that allows you to hire or buy a product. I’ve set up the following product categories in WooCommerce: Hire Buy Is it possible to have the same sub-category slug under each parent category? E.g. Hire Sub category Sub category Buy Sub category Sub category When I try this, WordPress throws up […]

Payment methods are not displaying in Woocommerce

I am using [woocommerce_checkout] to display checkout section on one page but, payment methods are not displaying in it. But, when I go to Woocommerce’s default checkout page then, payment methods are displaying there.

How to get product count with respect to categories in WooComerce

Hi I want to display all the categories of products in a loop to display them in category menu along the numbers of products each category contains. Some thing like that so far I have done this to get all categories $args = array( ‘number’ => $number, ‘orderby’ => $orderby, ‘order’ => $order, ‘hide_empty’ => […]

How to update variable product stock status with code

I have the product id:- $posts. Now i have to change product variable variation stock to outofstock using code.I have bellow snippet code but it’s not updating the variation stock of the product. so any one tell me how to do this. $children = get_posts( array( ‘post_parent’ => $posts, ‘posts_per_page’=> -1, ‘post_type’ => ‘product_variation’, ‘fields’ […]