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Widget code is not working on Hosted Blogs

I have developed a JavaScript widget which works fine when I embed it in any of my html pages. The code is something like this <script type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″> var asset_host = ‘’; var url = unescape(“%3Cscript src='” + asset_host + “/javascripts/widget.js’ type=’text/javascript’%3E%3C/script%3E”); document.write(url); </script> <script type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″> var widget_options = {}; widget_options.iframe_base_url = asset_host + […]

How do I disable trackback notifications on a blog?

I tried but it didn’t work. I do want unregistered users to be able to comment. == What I dont want is email notifications like this: New trackback on your post “we also analyzed zonal wind too” Website: Quora (IP: , URL : Excerpt: How can faster rotation rate lead to […]

Do I need to use a new account for each Jetpack installation

I manage lots of installations for different clients. Typically they do not manage the posts or pages themselves, preferring to stay out of things and let me do it. JetPack functionality is great, but obviously you need to sign into a account within the installation to access it. My question is – is […]

How to totally get rid of Category in my blog?

I prefer using tags and have no interest in using the categories. All my posts now are labeled with a category named “Uncategorized” and I want to turn them off! I want no more categories at all. How can I do that? Please help! [Edit] I’m using, not

Creating external apps WordPress / How they work

I was wondering how does external app works for or Directly connecting to the wordpress database seems a bad idea to me. Questions How can I create an app or get / post data from the wordpress database? Is there a JSON API or XML API format so that I can easily exchange […]

How can I transfer followers from to a self-hosted WordPress?

Recently, I performed a domain migration from a domain to a self-hosted solution. The primary complaint was the loss of followers gained through WordPress ( ) I don’t see any plugins that Automattic has released to allow similar functionality to “Subscribe” and “Like” content on self-hosted blogs, so it’s feeling more and more […]

Post-by-mail similar to or Posterous?

A standard WordPress installation has very basic support for posting via e-mail. Is there a plugin that gives the same functionality as (especially attachment handling)? My client is in love with Posterous, and I could set up the XML-RPC bridge so new posts go to WordPress, but I’d rather stay in WordPress so I […] vs

This question might seem a little silly but I was wondering what is the differences between and I know the main differences like you can’t edit a them file without paying for it, you might get some ads and you get a domain but what are the little features that make the […]

Is it possible to use with a custom domain without switching nameservers?

I want to move my blog to but I do run my own nameservers and I need to do it. Is it possible to use pointing the IPs of the hostname to it but not switching the nameservers?

How to import only certain comments from post

NOTICE: This is solely NOT a Question, but related to WordPress Migration and Export-Import. I started blogging in and then shifted my blog to a self-hosted site. But even after that, I din’t shut down my .com blog for some internal reasons. Though I stopped updating the .com blog, users are still commenting […]