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Prevent images on self-hosted WordPress from being served from

I have created a few posts with featured images on my blog. Since this is self-hosted installation, I was more than sure, that all my files were upload to my server / hosting. But to my extreme surprise, when checking source I have found, that they’re served from (example code: <img src=””>) instead of […]

How to customize a site hosted on locally

I have a website on Is there a way to download it to my localhost, customize it and then upload it back to Thanks

Is it possible to add a custom page to a free WordPress site?

I’m trying to add a custom page to my WordPress website. I found this link, which says that I need to add the template to the theme folder, but I have a free WordPress website, so I don’t have access to that folder :/ Is it possible to add a custom page to a free […]

Search results show a different site

I’ve just started with (not, and have two questions about google search results. If I search my blog name saltandsitecore, it shows right up on the first page. Now, I search for Building A Sitecore Website With MVC, which is a title in all my posts. None of the results show my posts. […]

hosted to local directory?

This question was posted at onstartups – one that I frequently hear. Figure that I would ask the experts over here – can one maintain a hosted blog yet make it a subdirectory under their domain? From: to IF so, what step(s) / .htaccess changes are necessary to make it happen? {Edit […] post editor replacement

I love WordPress, and I keep a blog on a domain hosted at However, it’s so damn slow! (Blogger wasn’t much better.) Are there any full-featured substitutes available? I use several computers, depending on where I am and what I’m doing: An older mac, a windows netbook, and a ChromeOS laptop, so the best […]

Add Google custom search to

I would like to add Google custom search to my site. I have pasted HTML code from custom search to text widget in a sidebar, but instead of search box, I got text: Loading google.load(‘search’, ‘1’, {language : ‘en’}); google.setOnLoadCallback(function() { var customSearchControl = new‘007267089725385613265:gmydx5gtw6u’); customSearchControl.setResultSetSize(; var options = new; options.setAutoComplete(true); customSearchControl.draw(‘cse’, […]

Removing the ribbon

This is such a simple question, but I’m having trouble getting the answer. Is it possible to have a blog at and not have the banner (shown below)? Is it simply a matter of purchasing the “master of your domain” premium feature? Or must I host my own installation (which is not […]

How to get a retweet button on my blog?

Is is possible to get a retweet button on a blog? I see that plugins are not an option, and the only widget that I found was for adding my tweets to my blog. I’m looking to add my blog to other peoples tweets, and I’m surprised that isn’t built in, like the FaceBook […] podcast feed missing iTunes tags?

I recently published a podcast hosted on on iTunes and it says “Podcasts by Unknown”. It seems like it is missing the author tag. My question is that how can I add the author tag to the RSS since I used the RSS widget to expose my RSS?